Welcome to English 2112 World Literature

Dear Students,

I will be using this blog to post a lot of “outside of D2L” stuff that you can access.  Some of the students in the course were not able to access D2L, so I want to make sure they don’t fall behind.  This is what we are doing this week:


Read Syllabus (official)

Read Syllabus (unofficial)

Read “European Enlightenment”

Read “Introduction to Tartuffe”

Watch Tartuffe Video While Reading the Play

Participate in Discussion=I’ll keep it open so you can do it later!

Write and turn-in Translation Paragraph: Write one well-formed, well-worded paragraph on the following: When you listened to the video while reading the play, there were times when the translation differed significantly. Identify one specific word or line that was different, and explain why you thought one translation was better than the other.

I hope this helps!!

Playing with NGram Viewer

Originally posted on Dr. Kassorla's Blog:


Yesterday I spent a few hours on the phone with a similarly geeky friend, Fredrick, playing with NGram Viewer from Google.  If you have never been on NGram Viewer, I have to warn you–make sure you have enough time!!  We got sucked in quick, and we stayed a while.

NGram Viewer is a wonderful tool that allows you to enter one or more terms  into a search box.  Then, through the magic of Google (search, books, pictures, etc.), you receive a wonderful graph informing you of the popularity of whatever you have entered.

As we played with the tool, we were looking for ways to use it in the writing classroom to generate authentic research.  For example, we put the word “ipod” into the Ngram viewer and got the following results:

ipod jpg

Then, of course, we asked, “Why were people in 1800 and 1905 so crazy about ipods?”  It’s easy to…

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Don’t Waste Your Break! Learn Something!!

falling_snow3Most of us don’t know how to code.  I don’t.  

But, my dear students, I am trying to learn.

TRYING is the operative word here. Maybe I won’t get good at it, but if I keep trying, I am bound to learn something.

Spend a few weeks on your winter break learning to code.  It is something you will need for the rest of your life.  Below you will find a video, and a list of FREE sources to learn to code and/or to learn to code even better.  Get to it!!

Here’s a video to get your motivated:

Now go to any of these FREE sites to learn on your own!!

Codeacademy.org: Step by step, learn any language you want for free.  Great sandbox areas to learn and even local meetups if you get stuck.

Code.org: Advocacy organization with resources to get computer science into your schools and community.  They also have a directory for free”learn to code” events in your community.

Coderacer:  Learn to code with this free and easy computer game.

CodePlayer:  Learn how people made things by watching them do it.  A great “learn by watching someone else” site.  Then, join in and show others.

MIT Open Courseware: If you already know something and want to learn a lot more, this is a great site for motivated learners. You will find entire MIT courses here.

Udacity: Learn to code, or learn anything else you can think of.  This is a free and open courseware system!

Mozilla Developer Network:  Learn everything from the basics of coding to developing new software solutions.

Kahn Academy:  You know Dr. K loves Kahn Academy–and this is a great way to learn to code.  LOVE IT! (I think I’m doing this one, although the “CodeRacer” game looks like a blast too.

Great Infographic: Most Popular Books of all Time

I found this, and I had to post it.  So interesting!  Not only the information, but the way in which they organized the information for this infographic.  I love how they seemlessly integrated information and artwork.  Very impressive.


Mesopotamia: Lost Civilizations

In order to prepare us for our first discussion of World Literature, I would like you to have some context of not only the history of the literature, but the way in which that information was collected.

You will find that context in this Time-Life Video: Mesopotamia: Lost Civilizations.

It is approximately 50 minutes long, and will represent your first homework assignment of the semester:

A New Era: Atlanta Metropolitan State College

imgresDr. K just accepted a position at Atlanta Metropolitan State College as Assistant Professor of English!

If you are one of Dr. K’s former students–don’t worry!  I am still here for you!!  Just make sure you email me at my gmail account.

If you are one of Dr. K’s new students, welcome! We have a lot of learning ahead of us!!


CAU Academic Calendar 2013-14

I made a new academic calendar for CAU for 2013-14.

Feel free to use it, but remember this is not an OFFICIAL Calendar.  I have done my best to render it correctly, but if you use it, you use it at your own risk!

To use it with your own Google or iCal Calendar, click on the little plus sign on the bottom of the calendar I have posted here.

Dr. K

Hurray! The Semester’s Over! Here’s a List of 5 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Next Year!

braindrainI know you are exhausted.  You have poured everything in your brain out on some final’s paper or math test, and now you are ready to RE-LAX!  Yes!  You are going to hit the beach, work on the perfect recipe for sweet tea, enjoy a few moments to catch up with old friends, and sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

When you are done with that (it should take about a week or two), and you start thinking about next semester (because it is coming sooner than you think!), use some of your extra time to prepare yourself, digitally, for next year.

“WHAT? Dr. K, you SEEERIOUSLY can’t believe that I would spend my time getting ready for next fall?  PLEEEEZE!”

Yes, I seriously think you will spend some time getting ready for next fall.  I’m not suggesting some boring reading list–I am suggesting that you start preparing yourself by learning–really learning–some software that will put you ahead of your game for next year.

Here is Dr. K’s list of great things to do to get ready for next fall:

  • Math Readiness: check out fastfig.com, and learn how to use it!!  It is an amazing “word processor for math” that shows all the work and teaches you along the way.  It’s free, of course!! (Would Dr. K suggest a program you have to pay for?  Really?)
  • Research Readiness: Get to know Zotero.org.  It is the most powerful research tool you can ever have.  When you are researching, you only have to add a resource to Zotero and you are ready to produce a bibliography or works cited in record time, in perfect style, alphabetical.  It will also do citations–but you have to learn how!  Learn now and save yourself endless hours of work next fall!!
  • Job Readiness:  Make sure you have updated the resume and information on the WordPress blog you did in my class.  Make sure the page is public, and add your WordPress Blog address to any resume and/or cover letter you do for summer jobs.  Remember, you can add videos, pictures, whatever you want!  You also might want to update your theme and revise what you have posted so far so that it all looks professional.  If you need to brush-up on your WordPress skills, you can go here, or to any of the MILLIONS of YouTube videos about making a WordPress Site. You can also go to Dr. K’s “Get a Job!” Pinterest Site for some great advice about interviewing, resumes, etc.
  • Learn to Code:  Coding is the most important skill you can have in tomorrow’s job world–especially if you are going into Mass Media Arts!!  Dr. K suggests you check out codeacadamy.org to learn some seriously helpful HTML and CSS coding to really spiff up that WordPress site, or get super-serious with some PHP or Ruby.
  • And, of course, READ!! :)  Here’s a 25 page list of books suggested by the Black Caucus of the College Composition and Communication Organization! Don’t forget, Libraries are free!  (Kindle, anyone?) By the way, if you download the Kindle app on your laptop or iPad, and you search the Kindle Store from lowest to highest in price . . . You will see thousands of free books!!  :)
  • ReEnrollment Initiative for CAU–May 6-8


    Dear Students,

    If you are planning to enroll for next semester, please attend the special enrollment initiative next week!

    Date: Monday, May 6th through Wednesday, May 8th.
    Time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Place: Cornelius Henderson Student Center, Multipurpose room

    What: You can get ready for next year!

    • Get re-enrollment assistance
    • Financial Aid information
    • Register for Classes
    • Make Financial Arrangements to clear balances
    • Secure Campus Housing


    Dr. K

    FYI: Final Exam Schedule

    FinalScheduleJPGThis schedule was sent out yesterday — just in case you missed it.  Here it is for your reference. (Here is the link to download the PDF: FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE SPRING 2013).

    Dr. K


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