Movie Notes Quiz: Tomb Raider


Laura Croft:  Tomb Raider

CMS Citation

Laura Croft: Tomb Raider. DVD. Directed by Simon West. 2001. United States:


As you watch the movie, please take notes on the following on a separate piece of paper.  Type up a copy to turn in via InSite for a quiz grade.

1.     How does the movie open?

2.     What is your first impression of Laura Croft?

3.     What is the “council”?

4.     What artifact are they looking for?

5.     How is your perception of the movie colored by the

a)             Background?

b)             Music?

c)              Lighting?

d)             Costumes?

6.     Why is Laura’s father important to the movie?

7.     Who represents “good,” and who represents “evil”?  What is the main difference between them?

8.     Briefly describe a moment, character, issue you want to look more deeply into.

9.     What “critical lens” will you use to view that moment, character, or issue? (see attached list).

10.     What is your research question for the paper?


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