Step by Step Annotated Playlist

Step by Step Annotated Playlist

This is a step-by-step assignment sheet for your annotated playlist assignment.  I will do my best to guide you!

Begin by identifying the song.  Tell how long the song is, who the artist is, and specific information about the song.

  1. Use the name of the song to attach a hyperlink to the song/video.
  2. Attach a link for the lyrics (if it has lyrics)
  3. Include copyright information.
  4. Identify the Genre of the song (ex: Rock, Classical, Jazz, etc.)
  5. Describe the song/section.
  6. Describe what part of the video you would attach the song, and how the song would contribute to the mood or message of the video or slide show.
  7. Do at least 5 songs for the rough draft.  (We will be using a total of 8 for the final draft, so if you want more, add them!)


Theme from Jaws:  First Victim

Duration: 3:28 minutes

John Williams, from the Album “Jaws.”

Original Release Date: July 11, 2000

Release Date: July 11, 2000

Label: Decca

Copyright: (C) 2000 Decca Music Group Limited

Genre: Classical

This song is an instrumental that starts slow and gets more and more frantic.  I plan to start the video with a wide shot of me at graduation from high school.  The song will begin as the wide-shot starts, and zoom in as the music gets more frantic.  Then as the music speeds up and gets more and more tense, my close-up gets nearer.  Finally, the music will hit a high point, just as you see my face, and then I will splash the title across the video.

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