English 105WS


2 responses

  1. I agree that plagiarism is wrong, but at the same time I feel like many students don’t try to do it on purpose. There’s a lot of known knowledge and when we incorporate our own common sense into our papers we get accused of plagiarism? I don’t think that’s fair. Another example, at times there will be situations where there is just random information floating around in cyber space, there’s no author, it’s not all fancy and “legit,” so then how are we supposed to cite that? Many students do not. I feel that if we would’ve been taught from the beginning the ins and outs of plagiarism, we wouldn’t face the issues we face nowadays with students “plagiarizing.”

  2. Plagiarism is by far unacceptable, but sometimes students just need a little more info than they already know. If copying a small portion of something helps them, I don’t see what the problem is. It’s not like they copied the entire document. Students should be cut a little bit of slack when it comes to things like that.

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