The Collage Project


Collage Assignment

We are working on a Collage assignment.  

This Collage assignment should be 3-5 pages long (or equivalent if you are working with another type of media), with breaks between items. Please don’t kill yourself with this assignment–it should be FUN and interesting.

Here are some of the things I will be looking at when I grade it:

  • It should be a collection of UNRELATED items (pictures, words, videos, etc.) with space/time between them.

    • Do NOT try to organize everything or write a long narrative.  I am looking for short pieces, put together in a way that meaning is made in the space between!
    • Do not try to make transitions.  The more raw the break between things, the better!
  • It should contain your original work (prewriting, photos, social media clips, etc.).

    • It may contain one thing created by others (jokes, videos, etc.).
  • You can use almost any tool to create it.

    • You can use MS Word, Powerpoint, Prezi,, Thinglink, Glogster–or anything else you find that will help make this interesting.  (Twine?)
    • If you use something that can’t be uploaded into iCollege, please create a Word Document, tell me what it is and give me the link, and upload that Document into iCollege. I will follow your link and find your work!
  • Please don’t kill yourself.  It is a simple assignment.  Don’t spend too much time on it.  It is supposed to be fun!!

Please upload the assignment (or link if you made it with an online tool) into iCollege.

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