E-Porfolio Requirements


The e-portfolio is your WordPress Blog.  It counts toward a major part of your grade at the end of the semester.  The following are the requirements for completing the portfolio assignment:

  1. Establish an e- portfolio and give Dr. K the address so that it is posted to her WordPress site.  Please make sure that Dr. K has your portfolio link on her page!!  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE SHE HAS YOUR PORTFOLIO INFORMATION.
  2. Every e-portfolio must have an “About me” section that includes information about you and a picture.
  3. Every e-portofolio must include a page for English 105WS.  If you also have History 201WS, please make sure you also have a page for history.
  4. Under the English 105WS tab, you must include the following sub-pages in this order:
    1. Origin Stories Paper
    2. Annotated Bibliography
    3. Cultural Analysis Paper
    4. Movie Review          
    5. Reflective paper
  5. Please make sure that your subpages show up on your blog.  If they do not show, please use a widget to display your subpages on your blog.

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  1. How do I get to that?

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