Short Research Paper


College Composition II, WISE:
CENG 106WS, Standard

Assignment:  Complete a research paper of 2-3 pages which engages some topic of history featured in the Museum of African American Experience in Second Life (MAAE).


  1. To clearly communicate your understanding of your topic to the audience,
  2. to demonstrate that you can write a paper in MLA format with correct citations and a Works Cited page, and
  3. to complete a notecard for the MAAE Museum.


Content:  Write a research paper of 2-3 pages (not including the Works Cited Page)  in correct MLA format (see Blakesley, page 432 for an example).  The paper should touch upon a historical topic featured in the MAAE Museum. 

Make sure you spend some time narrowing your topic down to a specific area.  Your paper should answer your research question, and it should utilize at least three of the five sources from your completed annotated bibliography assignment.

All Papers must be created in MS Word 2007 and submitted to the turninmypaper address at GMAIL.  If you do not know where to turn in your paper, it is posted on Dr. K’s Blog.

Special Considerations

Appropriate use of sources. Remember that you must cite any information your obtain from sources.  This includes ALL information, whether it is quoted or not.  If you do not cite a source, you are plagiarizing!!

If in doubt:  CITE IT! 

Please feel free to use an online source helper, such as, but please do not use the MS Word tool to create MLA documentation. It does not provide the most up to date MLA style!


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