In Class Essay Exam


If you were not in class on Friday, this is a 30 minute exam.  Please do not spend more than 30 minutes on it .  Turn it in to the “turninmypaper” gmail account.  Please call it “In Class Essay” in your e-mail.


Dr. K

In-Class Writing Assignment

Original Handout by Mr. Frederick Cope, adapted by Dr. K


Consider the idea of American Imperialism based upon what you have learned in history.  Think about America’s role as the primary source of charity to Haiti.  At what point does America’s charity lead to Imperialism?  Considering Haiti’s corrupt government, would American Imperialism in Haiti be a bad thing?  Using MLA formatting, write a one page argument that either supports or opposes the idea of American Imperialism in Haiti.

Approaching the Argument

Your job is to take a position on the above a topic and write an argument.  You MUST support your position with evidence (from your textbook, the library databases, or scholarly websites).  Consider our in-class discussion on argument.


Think of this argument made by a student regarding smoking in public areas:

Smoking in public places should be banned[FLC1] because the second-hand smoke that results from this act has adverse effects on the health of both smokers and non-smokers.[FLC2]

Your argument  should have a similar format (although in much more detail).  In effort to make an effective argument, the student in the example above must provide evidence proving second-hand smoke has an adverse effect on smokers and non-smokers.  This can be done by providing statistics and scientific evidence that supports this claim.  You should do the same with any premise you make regarding American Imperialism.

Things to consider

  1. What is imperialism?
  2. What is America’s motivation to enter Haiti?
  3. What are the positive and negative aspects of American Imperialism?
  4. What are some valid arguments the opposition would make with respect to your position?
  5. How would you refute this position?


Use appropriate MLA formatting for this assignment.  You can visit the Purdue OWL at: to review sample MLA styled papers.  This assignment is due at the end of class.

[FLC1]The student’s position


[FLC2]Premise or reason for the student’s position.


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