Examples of Cause and Effect Essays

Human beings are very curious.  Not only do we want to know what is going on, we want to know WHY it is going on.  We are constantly searching for the reasons behind events so that we can prepare ourselves for a similar event.

Understanding Cause and Effect is one of the best ways for doing this.

We will be writing a Cause and Effect essay in the class because it is one of the most basic types of essays that you may need to use in your professional life.

For example, if you are a  policeman, you may need to write a report explaining the actions you took.  If you are a teacher, you might need to prepare notes about why you believe a student may be failing.  Journalists are constantly engaged in Cause and Effect analysis in order to explain what has happened in the news and why it happened.

In order to write a Cause and Effect Analysis, you must follow these steps:

Introduce an issue which is “caused” by something.

Explain or Define the issue.

Talk about the cause, using examples to back up what you say.

I made you a video to explain:

If you want a good example of a cause and effect essay, here is a video essay on the “Bystander Affect” that captures what cause and effect is:

And finally, here is a humorous commercials based upon a chain of cause-and-effect for your entertainment:


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