Cultural Analysis Essay

CENG 105WS, College Composition I (WISE)



Cultural Analysis Essay


Faculty and students associated with WISE history CHIS 201WS, U.S., Africa, and the World; and English CENG 105WS courses.



To construct a historical analysis of how earlier civilizations have influenced later civilizations.


This assignment is designed to help you

1.    understand the forces that link the past to the present;

2.    explore the connections between culture, economics, politics, race, class, and gender; and

3.    sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills.



1.    Select an ancient culture that has been discussed in your history class and analyze the culture’s practices of citizenship, philosophies, gender, faiths, or origin myths. How has this particular culture influenced our current society? What are the legacies of this civilization?

2.    Use a minimum of four sources.  To back up what you say.  In addressing your research question, do your best to understand and respect the culture and time period that you are analyzing.

3.    Begin with an introduction that includes your topic, clearly states a research question, and gives an indication of what you will do in the paper.  As you move into the body of the paper, make sure you introduce a source, state the information from the source (and cite it), and explain how that information contributes to your understanding of the culture.



Please use a title page which includes your name, English 105WS and the time you take the class (9:25, 12:15, 1:40), and the date.  The paper should be 3-5 pages long (three pages means all the way to the bottom of the third page!!), double-spaced, typed in 12-point font in MS Word.  All sources should be in CMS format.

Sources and Citation

You may use Upshur, World History; The United States, Africa and the World: A History Reader; primary sources assigned on WEBCT; and web sites provided by the professor. If you use any other sources, you must evaluate their credibility and clear them with your instructor first.

Note: The assignment requires you to find at least four sources that speak to the research question for the culture that you’ve chosen.

Avoid Wikipedia, except for the purpose of finding sources that Wikipedia used.

The analysis must utilize sources responsibly and correctly. Include footnotes or endnotes, utilizing the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) format, which is described in Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age (Blakesley).  You must also include a bibliography.

Plagiarized assignments will receive zeros. The instructor will check for plagiarism using InSite.


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