Peer Checklist for E-Portfolio

Please bring up your portfolio, then switch seats with someone in the class so that they can evaluate your portfolio and you can evaluate theirs.  I don’t expect your assignments to be posted at this time, but those assignments must be posted by the end of the course for credit on your e-portfolio.

Overall E-Portfolio

o  Is theme is appropriate for e-portfolio?  

o  Is the “About” section visible?

o  Is the correct link to this blog posted on Dr. K’s blog?  Ms. Underwood’s blog?  Test the link. 

o  Blog is “private” with permissions for only a few people (i.e. drkblog, aunderwood).

About Section

 o  About section has a picture.

 o  About section has short narrative about student.*

*Please consider putting your resume or other materials here so that you can use this e-portfolio in order to get employment, apply for scholarships, and/or get into special schools or programs in the university.

Class Pages


o   Are class pages visible?  (English 105WS, History 201WS)

o  Are all subpages visible?

o  Are subpages clearly marked with assignment names?


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