Syllabus-Day by Day


Syllabus Day by Day



In Class

Homework for Next Class

Week 1



9/10 Course introduction and overview, introduction to class technology Discussion of prewriting. Purchase books, familiarize yourself with D2L.



Thursday 9/12 How to write an essay: Introductions Collage homework.  Due Tuesday!!
Week 2


9/17 Introduce Autobiographical Essay.  Assign Peer Response Groups. Read Chapter 6 in Allyn and Bacon. Complete Rough Draft of Autobiographical Essay to turn in to D2L by Friday 9/20 for Peer Response.

Class Via D2L

9/19 No Class.  Watch 2 Videos: How to do the Autobiographical essay,  and how to do Peer Response on D2L. Do Peer Response between Friday and Tuesday. Revise your essay to turn in final draft to D2L on Tuesday, 9/24
Week 3


9/24 Introduction to reading critically, and writing about reading. Read Chapter 5 in Allyn and Bacon.

Class Via D2L

9/26 No Class. Watch video on critical response. Participate in Class Discussion on D2L. Complete Reading Quiz on D2L
Week 4


10/1 Introduction and Thesis for Critical Response Essay. Write introduction and thesis for Homework and turn in to D2L.



10/3 Group work and in-class writing on intro and thesis.  Dr. K’s Great Punctuation Lecture! Write rough draft of critical response essay for 10/8.  Do Peer Response.
Week 5



Introduction to WordPress.  Discuss blog. Set up Blog.

Work on Blog.  Post Autobiographical Essay. Include pictures, media.


10/10 Introduction to writing the in-class essay. Read Chapter 1, “Letter to Teacher.” Prepare for Midterm.
Week 6




10/15 Midterm

In-Class Essay: Letter to Teacher.

Midterm Quiz in D2L.  Due Thursday!!
Thursday 10/17 Work in pairs on midterm essay. Revise Letter to Teacher and turn in to D2L.
Week 7


10/22 Introduction to show-don’t-tell and descriptive writing. Read Chapter 10 in Allyn and Bacon.  Take Quiz.
Thursday 10/24 In-Class Essay: Descriptive Post Critical Response essay to blog along with media, pictures.
Week 8


10/29 Work in pairs on descriptive essay. Revise descriptive essay to turn in to D2L.
Thursday 10/31 Introduction to Compare and Contrast. Read Chapter 12. Take Quiz in D2L.
Week 9


11/5 Write Compare and Contrast Essay in Class. Read about revision.
Thursday 11/7 Work in pairs to revise Comparison and Contrast essay. Revise Comparison and Contrast essay and submit to D2L.
Week 10


11/12 Introduction to oral reports. Work on oral reports.
Thursday 11/14 Discussion and in-class work on oral reports. Finish oral reports.
Tuesday 11/19 Oral Reports. Post essays to blog.
Thursday 11/21 Oral Reports. Post essays to blog.
Week 12


11/26 Last Day of Class! Make sure everything is done for the year.  Look over checklist in D2L.
Thursday 12/5 FINAL 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Happy Holidays!  See You Next Year!!



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