Worksheet for Second Life Project

The most important thing to remember when you are considering your Second Life project is that you don’t have to try to take on the world.  Make sure you have a clear focus for research, and let your project grow from that. 

Also, remember, if you can complete only one part of a larger project, that is fine.  We have semester after semester of students coming into our program who can add to your project.  Choose to complete one part of it, and leave the rest for future students.

Think about ways you can present your topic which are creative, compact, and interesting.  We have several “pre-fab” second life projects available: you can contribute to the Fashion History Museum, do research about one of the Historically Black Colleges and, and even contribute to the Museum of African American Experience. 

You can also branch out to your own project (with approval from your instructor and Dr. Flowers). 

No matter what your topic, think about how you can present your topic in a  three-dimensional space with sound, texture, and visual effects.   If you can make your topic interactive, it is even better!  Hopefully, this worksheet will assist you in narrowing your topic and generating ideas.

Please type your answers to these questions, and be prepared to discuss them in class and turn them in on Friday, March 19. 

  1. What is your topic idea?  What would you like to research?
  2. Put your topic idea into the form of a question:
  3. What do you need to know to complete the research on this topic?
  4. How can you present this topic in Second Life?  Give three ideas for ways that you could do this:
  5. Is this a multi-stage project, where you will complete one part of the project and others can contribute at a late date, or is this a simple individual project?
  6. Do you have plans to work with another person in this class or any other High Tech Wise class to complete the project?  Who is that person?  If they are not in this class, please provide e-mail address(es) and Avatar name(s) of those on your team.
  7. What kind of technical assistance do you think you will need?  (building, multi-media assistance, etc.)
  8. Are you interested in helping to build any aspect of this project?  If so, what part of this would you like to build?  Do you have experience in building?  (We have people who can help teach you.)

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