Syllabus Day by Day

Course Schedule for CENG 106WS

Note:  The instructor reserves the right to modify the schedule (add/delete assignments) as she sees fit; this schedule is a plan for the semester.

All papers must be submitted through InSite or they will not receive a grade.

WednesdayMarch 28 Introduction of DuBois and the “Talented Tenth.” Read  “Talented Tenth.” Complete Quiz on Engrade.
FridayMarch 30 Introduce Nella Larsen’sQuicksand. Read the first Chapter ofQuicksand by Nella Larsen.Take Quiz on Engrade.
MondayApril 2 Discuss Quicksand.  Introduce Literary Analysis paper. Read over handout about literary approaches to literature. Post toDiscussion Board #7.
WednesdayApril 4 Discussion of approaches to literary analysis.  Workshop. Enjoy Easter with your Family.
FridayApril 6

Good Friday Holiday

MondayApril 9 Discuss specifics about analysis.  What does it mean to analyze? Write introductory paragraph for Literary Analysis Paper.  Post to Discussion Board #8. Bring to class.
WednesdayApril 11 Group shares and discusses introductory paragraph. Begin work on Rough Draft of Literary Analysis Paper.
FridayApril 13Pesach Work on paper. No Class. (Finish that rough draft!  I’m not kidding!!) Rough Draft of Literary Analysis Paper due to Response Group on Fridday, April 20th.
MondayApril 16 Discussion of Interviews. Read Blakesly Section on Business Letters and Resumes.
WednesdayApril 18 Discussion of Business Letters and Resumes. Read Blakesly Section on Business Letters and Resumes.
Friday, April 20 Peer Response Group for Literary Analysis Essay Revise Paper to turn in toInSite for Monday, April 23rd. Complete Reflection on InSite.
MondayApril 23 Designing a Resume. Write Rough Draft of cover letter and Resume.
Wednesday, April 25 Peer Response on Cover Letters and Resumes. Complete Final Draft of Resume to turn in to InSite by Monday, April 30th. Complete Reflection on InSite. Post to “About Me” section of WordPress e-Portfolio.
FridayApril 27 Workshop in WISE Lab.  Getting your WordPress e-Porfolio done.  Start getting all your work together for your final portfolio.  Finish up!! Post your work.  Make sure everything is up to date. Write your Reflective Essay.  Post everything to WordPress Blog.
MondayApril 30 Writing your Reflective Essay
WednesdayMay 2 Peer Review of e-Portfolio, Reflective Essay.
FridayMay 4 Reading Day
MondayMay 7 Final Exams
WednesdayMay 9 Please Make sure everything is completed, posted to InSite, posted to your WordPress ePortfolio, and completed on Engrade!!
FridayMay 11 Last Day to turn in Work.  Don’t wait until the last minute!!

Make sure your papers are posted to your WordPress adn InSite Accounts or you WILL NOT PASS!!



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