Practice Exit Exam


You will have 50 minutes to plan, write, and proofread an essay on one of the topics below:

TOPIC 1:         Your experience with Freshman Seminar


TOPIC 2:         Security on campus

Read the two topics again and select the one on which you wish to write your essay.  In order for your essay to be scored, it must b on ONLY ONE of these topics.

In your essay, you should introduce the subject and then select any writing strategy that will permit you to successfully discuss the topic in a multi-paragraph response of approximately 400-500 words that either

–explains the subject you have chosen, or

–takes a position about your subject and supports it.

At least two evaluators will read your essay and assign it a score.  They will pay special attention to whether you

–have an appropriate title

–limit the topic and have a clear thesis or main idea

–develop your thesis and topic logically and in sufficient detail

–use well-formed sentences and paragraphs

–use language appropriate and effectively

–follow standard practices in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Leave yourself a few minutes at the end of the period to proofread and make corrections. You may cross out or add information as necessary.  Although handwriting will not affect your score, you should write as legibly as possible so that the evaluators can easily read your essay.

Do not begin until you are told to do so.  Be sure to write your 900 Number on each page, write on only one side of each page, use blue or black ink, number pages of the essay, and write the topic you have chosen on the FIRST PAGE of your essay.  DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME OR TEACHER’S NAME ON ANY ESSAY PAGE.


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