Some Additional Origin Stories Websites

The following are websites where you can read origin/creation stories from various cultures.  Please choose one to analyze for your Origin Stories Paper, due September 28th.  If you have an idea for a different story that is not included in this list, you must have your instructor’s approval first.

Creation Stories from Around the World

Chinese Creation Stories

Australian Aboriginal StoryMayan Creation Story

American Indian (You must click the “+” sign next to “Native American Legends A-B to get the full list.  Make sure you find an origin story which might be called a “creation” or “emergence” story, as many Native Americans believe their people “emerged” from a different world in order to come into being.)

Greek Creation Myth

Encyclopedia Mythica General encyclopedia of mythology which may be helpful in finding more information about the origin story you have chosen.

Creation Stories of the Middle East


5 responses

  1. […] is the link to my list of Origin Stories Websites for you to choose from for your paper, and the link for the Origin Stories […]

  2. The chinese story was very interesting and intriging. I like the different perspective of how the earth was made.

    1. Kinyonna,

      Please write at least 100 words using two examples from the reading for credit.

      Dr. K

  3. I felt that the Chinese Creation Stories were both entertaining. I liked how the first story used vivid details that painted a picture in my mind of what was happening in the story. In the story it states, “After another 18 thousand years, the sky was higher, the earth thicker, and P’an Ku stood between them like a pillar 9 million li in height so that they would never join again.” It made me actually picture how far the sky is from earth, making the story further interesting to read. The story also did an excellent job of using parts of speech. For example, the author used the metaphor, “His veins became far stretching roads and his muscles fertile land.” The author did a great job of comparing body parts to the acts of nature. In the second part of the Chinese Story, I also liked how liked the use of situational irony because the reader already knew that the dog was planning to kill King Fang, but King Fang thought that the dog was just abandoning King Gao Xin. Overall both stories grasped my attention and made me want to continue to read more of it.

  4. I really enjoyed the chinese creation story Pangu. I enjoyed how the chinese interpretation of the earth is very different and intriging. It allows you to broaden your perception of everything and think of it in many different aspects. For example, the dog turning into a man allowed me to realize that everyone thinks different. Most people, christians in particular, believe that God created heaven and the earth. But the P’an Ku story may have others thinking that there may be alternate orgins of life.

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