Checklist for CMS Research Paper

Research Paper Checklist

1.        First Paragraph and Introduction Yes Needs Work
a.        Introductory sentence is interesting
b.        The research question is specific
c.        The thesis statement makes a clear declaration that I back up with examples
2.        Body Paragraphs
a.        Is each paragraph specifically directed toward answering the research question?
b.        Do I provide clear evidence?
c.        Have I cited my sources throughout the work?
d.        Do my paragraphs flow in a logical manner?
e.        Have I used clear transition sentences?
3.        Paper Format
a.        Title page meets assignment requirements
b.        Page numbers are in the right location on the page
c.        Footnotes are formatted correctly?
d.        Each footnote has a corresponding bibliography entry?
e.        Bibliography is on a separate page?
f.         Bibliography is in alphabetical Order?  (NOT numbered!!)
g.        Bibliography is in proper CMS style with hanging indents?
h.        Bibliography does NOT include annotations.
i.         Bibliography is formatted correctly?
4.        Meeting the Assignment
a.        I wrote to the requirements of the assignment
b.        My paper is the right length
c.        I’ve used enough sources
d.        I’ve included the required variety of source types

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