Peer Response Checklist

urlHow Reader Response Groups Work

Start with a group of 3-5 students.  Sit in a circle.  Pass your paper to your left.

Preliminary Reading:  Main Respondent

The person to whom you have just passed your paper to is your “Main Respondent.” Each person in the group serves as a “main respondent” for one other member of the group.

The main respondent carefully reads the paper and makes comments in the margin (positive and critical) and writes a short paragraph about the overall status of the paper at the bottom.  Approximate time:  15 min. total (for all papers in the group)

  • Main Respondent makes specific remarks about particular aspects of the paper in the margin as they read.
  • Main Respondent makes general, overall, remarks about the paper in a commentary at the end of the paper

Group Response

Pass the papers back and begin with the first writer.

  1. Writer Makes a Statement. Quickly let your response group know what your intentions were in writing the paper, some of the things you like about it, and some of the things you feel uncomfortable about.  Approximate Time: 1 min.
  2. Writer Reads their own paper aloud.  This is an essential step.  It allows the writer to hear their own mistakes, and it allows everyone in the group to know what is in the paper. Approximate Time: 5 min.
  3. Main Respondent Gives Commentary. The main respondent reads their comments aloud to the group. Approximate Time:  3 min.
  4. Writer invites Response.  Ask for a response from each group member.  Take notes.  WRITER MUST NOT COMMENT UPON THEIR SUGGESTIONS. When the respondent is finished, say “thank you,” and move on to the next person.  Writer may only talk during this phase if a respondent asks a question.  Approximate time: 1 min.
  5. Group Responds to Paper.  Make both specific and general comments.  Do not be afraid to agree or disagree with what the main respondent said.  Be prepared to suggest solutions to the problems encountered in the paper. Approximate time: 5 min.
  6. Thank your Respondents, Make a Final Comment, and Ask Questions. If the group as not responded thoroughly, this is the time to ask them specific questions.

REPEAT:  Now begin the “Group Response” section again until each writer has had a response for their paper.

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