Assignment #1: “Elethia” by Alice Walker

Assignment #1

“Elethia” by Alice Walker


Please write a 3-5 page paper on the following topic:

Look the following quote from the end of “Elethia”:

“And she was careful that, no matter how compelling the hype. Uncle Alberts, in her own mind, were not permitted to exist.”

What does this quotation mean?  Why is this quotation important to the overall understanding of the story? Please use specific examples from the story, or from articles about the story to back up what you say.

Instructions: This is an expository essay.  I expect you to discuss the meaning of this quote through your own experience and understanding.  It is OK to use the word “I” in this paper.

“Elethia” is a very complex and interesting story with many possible interpretations.  Do not attempt to explore them all. This paper will require you to focus deeply upon a single idea and examine the story thoroughly through that idea.

Your paper will not have the correct “answer” to the meaning of Elethia, as no correct “answer” exists.  It is only your own understanding that will bring a portion of this story to light.

Don’t worry about what you couldn’t write.  Worry about what you can and do write.  As I explained in class, the understanding of literature is a communal experience.  We all add our perspective, and through that shared experience, we build empathy and understanding of the work and our own lives.

If you cite any other sources, you must cite your sources/examples in MLA style.  You do not need to include a Works Cited page unless you have included outside sources to make your point.

Checklist For Turning in Paper

o          Title Sheet   This must include title of paper, your name, date, and assignment title.

o          Cover Letter  This is a short note to me about your paper, what you liked, disliked, and how you approached the assignment.

o          Final Draft  The final draft of your paper, 1-1.5″ margins, 12 point font, double spaced, typed.

o          Submit Paper  Please submit your paper via Engrade “Turn ins” section.



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