Civilization Game Log Assignment

Clark Atlanta University

CENG 106WS, College Composition II (WISE)


Game Log Assignment for Civilization IV:  AMERICA


Faculty and students associated with WISE history HIS 201WS, U.S., Africa, and the World; and English CENG 106WS courses.


  • To gain insight on what distinguishes successful empires from unsuccessful ones in real life history as well as in history as it unfolds in Civilization IV.
  • To increase your skill in assembling, organizing, evaluating, and synthesizing the elements needed for analytical writing.
  • To expand your critical thinking abilities.

Gaming Objective

Your objective in this assignment is to WIN playing against your AI rivals during a 30 minute time period.  You may win by conquest (elimination of rival civilizations), domination (25 percent more population that your best AI competitor), or you may win a cultural victory (three or more cities with a 50,000 point culture rating).  The quality of life in your civilization is revealed by the Information Screen’s demographics.


  1. From the game menu, select “single player.”
  2. Choose “Custom Game.”
  3. Set the following parameters:
Your Name 1 Washington Chieftain
AI 2 Random Noble
AI 3 Random Noble
Closed 4-6
Settings Options Victories
Map:  Continents 

Size: Standard

Climate: Temperate

Sea Level: Medium

Era: Ancient

Speed: Normal

Leave Standard Settings
  • Time
  • Conquest
  • Domination
  • Cultural
  • Space Race
  • Diplomatic

  1. Launch the game and then immediate pause it using the ESC key.
  2. Hit ESC again.  In the main menu (the one you use to exit the game), select “Options.”
  3. Select “Other” from the tabs.
  4. Select “Clock On,” enter 30 “Alarm Mins.” and check the “Alarm On” box.
  5. Exit, and begin play.
  6. When the alarm goes off, go to the “Info Screen” (the button on the far right hand corner that looks like a page with a red graph on it) and make screen shots of the following:
    1. The Graph Screen
    2. The Demographic screen
    3. The Top 5 Cities/Wonders screen
    4. The Statistics screen

With this information, analyze what happened to this civilization under your leadership.  White a three page paper, using MLA format.


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