Don’t Waste Your Break! Learn Something!!

falling_snow3Most of us don’t know how to code.  I don’t.  

But, my dear students, I am trying to learn.

TRYING is the operative word here. Maybe I won’t get good at it, but if I keep trying, I am bound to learn something.

Spend a few weeks on your winter break learning to code.  It is something you will need for the rest of your life.  Below you will find a video, and a list of FREE sources to learn to code and/or to learn to code even better.  Get to it!!

Here’s a video to get your motivated:

Now go to any of these FREE sites to learn on your own!! Step by step, learn any language you want for free.  Great sandbox areas to learn and even local meetups if you get stuck. Advocacy organization with resources to get computer science into your schools and community.  They also have a directory for free”learn to code” events in your community.

Coderacer:  Learn to code with this free and easy computer game.

CodePlayer:  Learn how people made things by watching them do it.  A great “learn by watching someone else” site.  Then, join in and show others.

MIT Open Courseware: If you already know something and want to learn a lot more, this is a great site for motivated learners. You will find entire MIT courses here.

Udacity: Learn to code, or learn anything else you can think of.  This is a free and open courseware system!

Mozilla Developer Network:  Learn everything from the basics of coding to developing new software solutions.

Kahn Academy:  You know Dr. K loves Kahn Academy–and this is a great way to learn to code.  LOVE IT! (I think I’m doing this one, although the “CodeRacer” game looks like a blast too.


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  1. I started to learn HTML for MySpace several years ago, found I loved it and when to college to learn it. Now 2 years later I’m graduating from my community college with my AA degree and will be going on to the University of Washington. I’m 58 now, your never to old to learn.. We live in such an amazing world.

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