Free Resources to Make Finals Week Easier

FinalsWeek-500x431My Dear Students,

Finals Week is upon us, and I thought I would share this handy list with you.

Good Luck!  I will be praying for the success of all my students!


Dr. K

FREE Finals Week Resources

Please Share with anyone who might need this!! J–Dr. Kassorla, Clark Atlanta University

Resource Needed For:


Studying: HINT:  Google Textbook Title and Chapters + flashcard to find sets to study.Make and Share eFlashcard Sets:    http://www.studyblue.com

Hints and Tips:                                    Google Hints and Tips

Tips for Better Sleep

7 Free Apps that Make College Easier

Writing Papers   Free Word Processing Program: 
Research Papers How To Cite: Makers:
Presentations Slides:                   http://www.prezi.comhttp://www.slideshare.com (iPad)


Stop Motion:


eBooks/Mags: (from PDF)



Infographics Static:          

Study Tunes 7+ hours of ongoing study tunes:

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