Getting Started with English 311!

This is a class in Grammar and Advanced Essay Writing, so I mean to focus on both very diligently.

I want to start the class by giving you a few tools that might be helpful in your writing this year (and hopefully in the years to come!)

Ginger is a very helpful, free, grammar, spell, and style checker.

Ginger is a very helpful, free, grammar, spelling, and style checker.

The first is Ginger.  This is a program that not only checks your spelling and grammar, but also your style–and it is FREE!  I have found it very helpful in my own writing.  It requires a download in addition to adding it to the toolbar of your favorite browser, but it will check EVERYTHING you write–even Facebook posts, WIKI entries, and email.

The second suggestion is a general category  known as “mind mapping” software.  There are literally hundreds of free mind-mapping programs out there.  Here is a collection of several mind-mapping programs you can try.

In addition, you want to make sure you know how to get to my Netvibes Account, where you will find everything you need for the class, including your WIKI, Engrade, and any other important materials you need to access for the class.


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