My Classes on Monday, September 17th

Click picture to learn about Rosh Hashana.

Sunday night, September 16th, through Tuesday night, September 18th is the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashana.  Therefore, Dr. K will be “off line” from Sunday night until Tuesday night.

I have arranged for the WISE program Instructional Teaching Assistants to teach you WordPress in McPheeters-Dennis room 337 during your scheduled class time.  If, for some reason, they do not show up, please wait 10 minutes, then you can leave or stay and work on WordPress on your own, following the directions posted here.

As always, you are welcome to e-mail me or text me if you have any questions or problems.  I will answer those when the holiday concludes.

I will end with the traditional Rosh Hashana blessing for my students:

“May you be inscribed in the book of fate

for a year of health and happiness.  

May G-d Bless You and Keep You, and

Grant you the Blessings of Peace.”


Dr. K


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