As we enter into midterm week . . .


Please try to catch up with work you still need to do. The assignments for the Group Project Paper and Paper #1 are on the WIKI.  Any quizzes and/or discussions you need to do are on Engrade.

I will try my best to catch up with my grading before next week, so you should have an idea of what you grade is looking like before you head into the midterm test.

The Midterm will be a take-home test.  I will give it to you on Wednesday, and you need upload it to Engrade by Sunday morning so I can enter you Midterm grades into Banner.  Please don’t turn it in late!!


Make sure you are working on the rough draft of your Cultural Analysis paper so that I can conference with you on it during Midterm week.

Remember, you MUST sign up for a conference time on the WIKI.  Right now the WIKI is marked “private” because I don’t want anyone to be able to find your phone numbers and full names (as those are posted on the conference sign-in sheet).  So, if you haven’t joined the WIKI, you will need to do so in order to sign up for your conference.

There will be no regular class meetings during Midterm week to allow time for individual conferences.

Rememember, the Cultural Analysis has been built through a series of assignments:

1.  Prospectus Paragraph (turn in to Insite)
2.  Annotated Bibliography (rough draft 5 sources, final draft 10 sources)

  • Prospectus + 10 Sources with annotation in CMS Style
  • Two scholarly journal articles from two different  fields (e.g., history, gender studies, sociology, geography, philosophy, religion, art, anthropology, to name a few).
  • One encyclopedia entry.
  • One scholarly book.
  • One Web site.
  • + 5 more sources (your choice).

3.  Cultural Analysis Paper (rough draft due at midterm conference)

  • 1-2 pages Introduction
  • 1-2 pages Research
  • 1-2 pages Analysis (What did it all mean?)



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