The Pre-Test is Finally Out for English 105WS


The Pretest has been long in coming, but it is finally out.  If you have not received the pre-test in your e-mail, please let Dr. Flowers know immediately.

Other than telling you that it is due, and reminding you that you need to turn it in both to InSite and to the g-mail address in the letter, I can’t discuss it with you.

Here is the letter from Dr. Flowers:

2011 Writing Pre-Test for WISE Freshmen

September 22-29, 2011

Topic: The Digital Nation 

One definition of a “digital nation” is a society in which technology is so widespread and is used for so many purposes that people cannot imagine life without it. Those who were born into such a society—the current generation of college students, for instance—are called “digital natives.”

Digital natives show a preference for being technologically connected with others, even in the company of each other, no matter what they’re doing. The PBS documentary digital nation: life on the virtual frontier ( explores this phenomenon in a thorough, informative, and interesting way. The documentary is 90 minutes long, but it’s divided into convenient segments entitled “Living Faster, “Relationships,” “Waging War,” “Virtual Wolds,” and “Learning.”

Exam Instructions 

1. Watch all of “Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier.” Also, feel free to follow any links on the Web site which catch your attention.

2. During the week of Thursday, September 22, 2011 to Thursday, September 29, 2011, write a 2-2••• page paper on any aspect(s) of the topic that interests you. You may view the documentary or parts of it as often as you like during the week.

3. You are free to discuss the topic or the documentary with others during the week of the exam. The only people who are off-limits for this purpose are WISE instructors.

4. Format the paper in the way you are accustomed to doing . The only difference in this case is that you should use your 900 number in places where you would ordinarily type your name.

5. Use any type of written or online resource you normally use when writing.

6. This paper is supposed to be your own original work. However, you may use quotations or other information from external sources to develop your ideas. Just be sure to acknowledge your sources and avoid plagiarism of all kinds.

7. By 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 29, 2011, submit your paper in both of the following ways:

a. upload a copy to your InSite account; and

b. e-mail a copy to the WISE office at

How the Exam Will be Scored 

Each paper will be evaluated by at least two readers. The scoring rubric will cover a) how well you handled the rhetorical situation; b) how well you organized your paper; c) the extent of development in your paper; and d) the quality of your writing.


For clarification or more information, contact Dr. Flowers in the WISE office.


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