Study Tip for the Day: Being Smart with your Smartphone

A lot of what I am going to say here are things you already know, but you may have overlooked their importance until you got to campus this year.

Most of us have smartphones, and we rely on them for a variety of tasks, but we don’t think about how they can help make our studying easier.

One way you can integrate your smartphone into your studying is by using a program like Evernote.  Evernote is a note-taking and organizational program that is completely free to download to your phone and/or computer.

In Evernote you can keep different notebooks for each class, clip bits and pieces from websites, organize information, and take pictures.  Evernote even makes text in the pictures into searchable text (so you can take a picture of notes on a whiteboard and they are searchable).

You can also use digital flashcard programs on your smartphone so that you can study anywhere.  Simply download a digital flashcard program, like Anki, to your smartphone and you can make or review flashcards on your smartphone.

Look for applications for programs you use in your classes.  Some cost a small fee, but most are free.  For example, you can use engrade on your smartphone by simply saving the mobile address to your bookmarks (


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