Study Tip for the Day: Digital Flashcards

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I’d like to help you out with some of the digital study aids out there, so I thought it would be helpful if I posted some occasionally on my blog.

Here’s one I talked about in class–but not all my classes–so I am posting it here so all my students can benefit.

If you are studying for a test, you can easily Google up a set of digital flashcards for your textbook.  Make sure, when you put in the Google search terms, that you indicate the author of your textbook, the chapter of your textbook, and the word “flashcard.”  More often than not, someone, somewhere, has already made a set of public digital flashcards for that chapter of your book.  (If not, make some and post them!!)

Now, download the digital flashcards onto your laptop and/or smartphone and you can study when you are standing in line for a latté!

Also, check out Engrade under “apps” at the top of the page, and you will find flashcards there.  (For English 202, I have made flashcards to prepare you for the exit exam at the end of the year–they are there in on the page.) If you want to find flashcards in other areas, choose “,” and if you want to make some flashcards, you can make your own at “new flashcards.”   You can also make your own WIKIs there!!

I have also included a link to Akni on this post.  Anki is my favorite digital flashcard program because it not only quizzes you, it also sorts the cards as you take the quiz, repeating the ones you missed more often so you can learn them.


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