Checklist for WordPress e-Portfolio

Your e-portfolio, and what is in it, is important to your grade.  Please make sure it is updated before the end of the semester.  Also, your blog MUST BE ACCESSIBLE TO ME (DRKBLOG).

The following is a checklist for things that MUST be on your blog in order to award you a grade this semester in English 106WS:

  1. Blog should have a page for English 106WS.
  2. Blog should have a completed “About Me” section.
  3. Please make sure that your slave narrative group project link is on a page entitled “Slave Narrative Group Project,” and that you include the names of others in your group.
  4. Please include pages with the following titles in this order:   

Please note that this e-Portfolio is made up of the papers you completed for class.  It does not include the discussion board and quizzes you took, or your attendence grade.  Please make sure you have completed Discussion Board #1, and #2, and you have taken all the quizzes (including the exit exam on April 26th).


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