The Essay Exam Results


Dear classes,

The most significant problems I saw in the practice essay exams that I graded over the weekend were these:

  1. TITLE:  You must provide a title for your exit exam essay.  If you forget the title, the evaluator will take off points.
  2. PARAGRAPHING:  Make sure that your paragraphs are clearly defined, that they do not go off-topic, and that you format them correctly.  Don’t put an extra space between paragraphs, and make sure you indent your paragraphs.
  3. SPELLING/GRAMMAR:  The most frequent errors in this category were final “s” errors (subject/verb agreement), and forgetting to put a period at the end of the sentence.  Please watch out, when you are writing, that you are remembering to finish what you have just said before you start a new sentence!
  4. DEVELOPMENT:  Some of you were late to the test, so you didn’t adequately develop your essay.  You will need at least five clearly defined paragraphs with a good conclusion for a passing grade.  Make sure you are on time on April 26.

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