How to get an “A” on the Annotated Bibliography

Here is what is down for my rubric for the Annotated Bibliography.  In order to get an “A,” you must do this!

Prospectus Paragraph:

Research topic is introduced. Research question is appropriate for assignment.  Author provides specific examples of how research question may be answered.  Paragraph is organized with only minor grammar or punctuation errors.


There are at least five citations, and citations satisfy all four of the following requirements: 

1) citations are in MLA style,
2) citations are formatted correctly,
3) citations are punctuated correctly, and
4) citations are in alphabetical order.


There are two short paragraphs immediately following each citation: one 1-2 sentence paragraph that summarizes the source, and one 1-2 sentence paragraph that tells how the source will help answer the research question.  Paragraphs are clearly written and contain few grammar or punctuation errors.


Name, time of class, and name of assignment are prominent on the first page of the assignment. The assignment is submitted electronically in the appropriate place within an appropriate time-limit.


2 responses

  1. Amber Robinzine | Reply

    Hello Professor. K!
    I have a question, are we suppose to be making up these research topic and questions for our prospectus paragraph?

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