Discussion Board #2: Prospectus Paragraph for Cultural Analysis Paper

For your discussion board assignment, you will decide upon a topic for your cultural analysis paper, and post your prospectus paragraph.

Below are the steps you will take in order to identify, and write your prospectus paragraph.



The study of history is significantly important in understanding current events.  In writing your cultural analysis paper, I want you to connect historical research with the modern world.  In this paper,  show how popular culture or a current event can be better understood by through historical research and/or identifying historical parallels.

  1. Identify a modern issue or current event.
  2. After you have some idea of the quality and quantity of research materials available, and the significant issues within that topic area, create a research question that will guide your search for information on your culture or civilization.  Think of a question that is narrow enough to answer in the length allotted for your research paper.
  3. Write a prospectus paragraph (typically about a 1/2 page): The prospectus is the plan for your research project that you submit before actually writing the essay or completing the research. It should contain the following elements:
  • State the research topic and your research question: “The word ‘tsunami’ is Japanese.  It means ‘harbor wave.’  I want the role of Tsunamis in Japanese history.  How have the Japanese people dealt with Tsunamis historically, and what is the cultural attitude toward Tsunamis?”
  • Delineate the main areas of your proposed research: “In order to answer this question, I will look at books and articles about Tsunamis, how Japan has been affected in the past, and how the cultural attitude toward Tsunamis may influence the way in which Japan acts toward their latest Tsunami disaster.”

2 responses

  1. The 2012 phenomenon has caused plenty of beliefs that catastrophic events will happen and world will end on December 12, 2012. Some predict that we’ll be wiped out by a natural disaster like a giant tidal wave, an Earth-wide earthquake or a tremendous volcanic eruption. Others believe that on that day in December, the Earth will collide mysteriously. Even though there is no concrete evidence that the Maya, a diverse group of indigenous people who lived in present day Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and El Salvador could predict the future, they did in fact develop one of the most sophisticated civilizations and calendar in the Western Hemisphere. In order to research the historical background behind this eerie theory i will look through books and articles. How does the 2012 predictions tie in into past history?

  2. Shakiyla Brockenbrough | Reply

    In my research paper I want to examine why hair is so important among African American women. When and why did hair become so important to women in the African American culture? In order to answer this question I will do adequate research on book, articles, and documentaries about the importance of hair to African American women. I will also connect the meaning of the hair styles back in Africa to the different styles and meanings today.

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