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Please post your prospectus paragraph for your cultural analysis in the comments.


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  1. In my research, I will examine the life and narrative of Henry Box Brown. I decided to write my research paper on Henry Box Brown because I thought it was fascinating how he started as a slave and ended up as a well known speaker. Henry Box Brown was a 19th century Virginia slave who escaped to freedom by arranging to have himself mailed to Philadelphia abolitionists in a wooden crate. For a short time he became a noted abolitionist speaker and later a showman, but later lost the support of the abolitionist community, notably Frederick Douglass, who wished Brown had kept quiet about his escape so that more slaves could have escaped using similar means.My question is how long did it take for him to go forth with this idea to ship himself in a box? How did he survive that long did he travel in that box? How was the fleet accomplished and was it written about.To answer these questions I will have to read different sources on his life and story.

    In my short prospectus, I will research the infamous Frank Lucas. Frank Lucas was a discreet yet high profile drug king who directly imported heroin in Harlem, New York city. He did this by loading the heroin onto the coffin of dead American soldiers’ coffin during the Vietnam War. Lucas was most famous for his ten percent pure heroin that killed many people. In my research, I will explore Frank Lucas’ life before, during, and after his drug days.

  3. Viewing music back in the early 1900s to the mid 1900s, it was very segregated. Black people had their share of soul and jazz and white people had rock and roll. A reason why the two different type of music never came together could have also been because of the Civil Rights Movement. Civil Rights Movement is one of most logical reasons why majority of black and white people today still do not live in the same neighborhoods. But in several parts of the United States there is diversity. Such as in downtown urban areas like New York City. Where Hip-Hop and Rock n’ Roll first laid eyes upon each other and met. Throughout the 1980s, we witness the cross between Hip-Hop and Rock n’ Roll which created a whole new sound. So my question is how is the society music so different from the past to present? To answer this question I will have to do research about the history of popular music and how different genre of music crossed over to create a different diversity view on music.

  4. In researching on the Haitian Revolution, I intend to dissect what Haiti’s government was prior to its revolution, what actions led up to the revolution beginning, who were the key players in starting the revolution, who made the biggest influences on the revolution throughout its duration, and what the country was like after the revolution ended. In using the following sources, I strive to collect enough information to understand the European interest in Haiti, was the slavery in Haiti as intense in the Americas, what is needed in developing a successful revolt, and what the European response to the Haitian Revolution was. In researching this I want to tie in how this revolution not only impacted Haiti during this time period, but how it effected the country today and what the mindset of the people are in the twenty-first century.

  5. My paper will analyze the evolution of sexuality and how different “lifestyles” have evolved over the years. Highlighted will be transsexual lifestyles, homosexuality, and polyamory. In the paper I will mostly be using political articles about what was going on in the world at the times leading up to the diverse time we live in now. The paper will give an overview on how as the world’s problems lessened the world explorations became more outlandish.

  6. Social sites have been around for over ten years. Bebo, Tagged, Myspace and now the most popular and unlimited age social networking site Facebook. Cyber bulling have taken it’s toll on countless teenagers due to these social sites and has lead to suicides for the most part. On the other hand, many individuals have found people whom they’ve forgotten about after high school and have reconnected with or have even found their siblings. Due to the variety of age’s on these sites, my question is due to the increase in technology, is it reducing imagination and a chance for the kid to be an actual hopscotch, hide and go seek nature kid? In researching this, I will approach this topic in different angles weighing out the pro’s and con’s of each viewpoint.

  7. Jon Bon Jovi recently accused Apple CEO Steve Jobs of killing the music business. Bon Jovi argues that today’s generation will miss out on purchasing an album and the whole experience that comes along with it. Growing up I remember buying the cd, ripping open the seal, reading the linear notes, and more. Now that experience is no longer being that I access all my music digitally. Is Steve Jobs constant technology contributions to music killing the music industry?

  8. The Ku Klux Klan or the KKK is a white supremacy group with an anti Semitic message using violence against other races including Blacks and Jews. Many of the major violent events happen in the early 20th century but now in modern day the KKK has a smaller following and overall group. If you were to Google the KKK today you will find sites for the Klan but what are these Klan members doing today? Are the KKK still promoting violence or are they just a non existence group of the past?

  9. in my research i will examine the history of the NFL . i chose to do my paper over the Nfl (national football league) because it interest me on so many levels , the nfl which was founded in 1920 in canton ohio which is the home location for the hall of fame . what does the lock out mean to the nfl and its players ? i plan on answering this by searching many nfl sites to get info upon the lockout and to see how long they intend on holding it . and i plan on reading articles to see how much money would be lost from the organization over the lockout time span .

  10. In my research, I will analyze the evolution of fashion as a direct result of “The Hemline Theory.” I plan to compare the change in hem lines to the economical stand point of the United states during different time periods. When the economy flourished, women wore shorter skirts; bearing more of their legs. Subsequently, when the economy suffered, women wore longer skirts. Some people have suggested that the status of the economy can even be predicted by the trending fashion styles of society. Today, women wear clothing of all different lengths. What does this say about our society and the economy of the United States? By reading scholarly journals written by authors with knowledge about “The Hemline Theory,” I will be able to determine if this relationship between our economy and the change in hem lines is indeed related or not.

  11. In my cultural analysis, I will look at how fashion trends remerge into today’s society. Fashion trends tend to come back into play in a thirty-year cycle. I will look at the three most repeated trends and how they have been altered to fit today’s style. I will also look at how designers are influenced by other decades and designers of those decades. The question that I will base my research off of is why do fashion trends repeat themselves in a thirty-year cycle. In order to answer this question, I will review fashion articles, books on the history of costume, and review images of fashion from one decade to today. I hope to bring a deeper meaning to why trends repeat themselves and who brings a trend back.

  12. For my cultural analysis paper, I will research the role of women in Hip Hop. I will start my paper with the earliest known women in Hip Hop, and then switch my focus to current women Hip Hop icons. I want to show the importance of women in Hip Hop and how their songs differ from most of the men in the same catergory, and then I want to research and write about Nicki Minaj (a current Hip Hop icon) and her come up in the business and how she differs from the past women of Hip Hop. I plan on using the internet, magazines, and books to find my research to write a very good and detailed paper.

  13. AubreySimone Williams | Reply

    My cultlural anlalysis paper is entitiled Technology in the Modern Workforce and Mass Communication. This paper is about modern-day technology and how it is improving and creating more jobs in the modern workforce, and I am going to include it’s benefits in the mass media field, which is my major as of late. I plan to utilize research tools such as articles on modern-day technology and its influences on the today’s workforce, online encyclopedias, anecdotes and personal experiences, and educational websites from the internet.

  14. The slave I chose was sally hemings. I chose this slave because when I googled slave names, her name came up as being the mistress of Thomas Jefferson. I thought this was very interesting because not many whites were attracted to their slaves, let alone admit it. In my research paper, I plan on researching the true facts about the relationship shared between Thomas Jefferson and his slave. I plan on getting my information from scholarly websites as well as well as movies based on the situation. I want to know what made Thomas Jefferson think it was alright to have an affair with an African American during the era of slavery, as a president? Did others look down upon him? Was he disliked? All of these questions are perfect to help me form my paper.

  15. My cultural anaylsis is going to be about the history of Haiti and how the Haitian revolution started. The Haitian Revolution was the first and only slave-led revolution in human recorded history, and is regarded as a defining moment in the history of Africans in the new world. it also going to deal with The two types of slaves were the mulattoes and fully black slaves. The article stated that the reason why slave owners discriminated and showed favoritism toward the mulattoes was because they had some type of paternal guilt or concern.

  16. Cultural Analysis
    Were the Salem Witchcraft Trails guilty of gender profiling and how the past affects the media in future?
    Although men were represented among witch trail victims, majority accused were women; but why were women particularly vulnerable to witchcraft accusation? This topic made me question, how come innocent females were the main suspect? I forsaking that it’s because women are classified as house wives, nurtures, and developers. Therefore, males were the protectors and workers. Many people may question this point in time, when did males have time to conduct with such witchcraft. Females on the other hand felt worthless, so they created potions and other unholy substances that they found around the house. In order to answer this question, I will look at some books and articles. Also, I realize that the media has increased in making witches seem like its okay to watch. In my opinion, it all began with the Salem Witchcraft Trails. Therefore, if this didn’t occur media wouldn’t have high interest in witches.

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