Slave Narrative Group Project

Today you organized yourselves into groups for the project, which is due on February 22nd.

Here is what you need to accomplish before that due date:

  • Groups Decide on Presentation: Once groups are formed, the groups will look at each member’s annotated bibliography and decide upon a unifying theme and a creative way in which to present the material.
  • Work on Presentation: The presentation must stand on its own when it is uploaded to your blog.  You may film all or part of it with a digital video camera, a graphics camera on your computer, or with the video feature on your phone.  You can integrate film and presentation software (Prezi, Powerpoint, etc.), or you can find some other way to present the material in a creative fashion.  I should be able to clearly hear the information presented and see any graphics provided.  Each group should present the findings in a creative manner.  Digital presentations will be played in class during assigned presentation time.
  • Participation and Credits: Each group member MUST actively participate in the presentation. A credits list must be included in the final copy of the presentation.
  • Upload Presentation: Each group member is responsible for uploading a copy of the presentation to their WordPress e-Portfolio.
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