Dr. K is sick . . . but don’t miss class!


Remember the first day of class when I told you I was sick?  Well, that was Thursday.  On Thursday afternoon, I lost my voice.

I spent the weekend gargling warm salt water, remaining silent (did I have a choice?), and trying to get as much rest as possible.

It didn’t work.  On Monday I went to my doctor who said, “YOU MUST NOT SPEAK FOR THREE DAYS!!”  Then he handed me a note that said I had to stay out of work for five days and told me I was probably contagious with whatever it is that I have.  At this point, try as I might, I can’t make a peep.  My voice-box just isn’t working.

So, I contacted my colleagues, and Dr. Flowers was kind enough to say she would fill in for a few of my classes.  I am working on what else I should do so that we don’t miss time.  Please go to class unless I write you an e-mail telling you that the class is canceled and giving you an alternative assignment.

I’m so sorry this has happened–especially so early in the semester.


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