The Great Atlanta Snowstorm


Well, most of you are doing the same thing I am doing . . . waiting for this snow and ice to melt.  It isn’t even really snow, in a proper sense, is it?  It is white ice.

My kids are dragging me out in it every day to slide down the backyard on a sled.  They are having a blast.

Meanwhile, the CAU semester classes will not start until January 19th, and my first class won’t be until January 20th.

If you are feeling academic and want to get ahead in class, you can go onto Second Life, download the program to your computer, and make an Avatar for yourself.

If you do this, please make sure you e-mail your Avatar name and password to yourself so that you don’t lose it.  Also, when you are in-world, please message me via my Second Life avatar, Yael Myrtle, and tell me what your real name is.  Then, I will have your avatar’s name and your real name so that Dr. Flowers can send you an invitation to WISE Island.

You will need an Avatar for one of our upcoming assignments, so it would be nice if you had one early.


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