Finishing Up!


There is no final in my class, but all papers and make-up work is due by the end of final’s week.

I will e-mail the summary of your assignments (what has been turned in and what has not been turned in) by the beginning of final’s week. 

Meanwhile, you know what you did and didn’t do. Did you finish the two discussion boards?  Did you forget to send me the civilization screen shot?  What about the Google Maps pictures?  This is a very good time to SEND THEM TO ME!!!

Please e-mail quizzes, maps, pictures, and in-class essays to the turninmypaper9, turninmypaper12, or turninmypaper1 addresses at gmail. 

Your essays should go to Insite.  If you rewrote something and Insite wouldn’t let you upload it, feel free to send it to turninmypaper with a small note about the problem so that I can upload it for you.

Your e-portfolio requirements are posted elsewhere on this blog.  Here is the link.

If you have any questions or you want to talk to me, I should be in my office during my regular hours (9:25-2:55 TR).  I will also be available by Skype, Facebook, and by e-mail.  However, when I am in my office, Skype doesn’t work, so send me a message on facebook or e-mail during those hours.

I loved having you  as my students.  I look forward to seeing you again!

Dr. K


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