Academic Movie Review


Please finish the rough draft for your academic movie review by Thursday, November 4th.

In class on tuesdayWe will discuss some of the problems you encountered.  The full assignment can be accessed here.

The most important thing to remember about this review is that you must focus on one small aspect of the movie (a scene, a character, an issue), then analyze that small aspect of the movie through a critical lens.

It is OK to give a short synopsis of the movie so that you can clarify how what you will be doing, then go into the scene/issue you want to focus on, but PLEASE DO NOT RETELL THE MOVIE FOR YOUR WHOLE PAPER!!!  I have already seen the movie, I don’t need you to tell it to me again!

Start by focusing upon a small aspect of the movie.  Present a research question from a particular critical perspective.  Analyze the movie through that research question using three sources.   Don’t forget to include your sources in footnotes or end notes, and bibliography.


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