Peer Review of Rough Drafts

Illustration: James Yang


Today in class we will be reviewing rough drafts of your Cultural Analysis paper using peer editing.

The most important thing to remember when you are involved in a peer editing session is that you are not expected to be anything more than a regular reader (audience) for this paper.  Please tell the writer, honestly and politely, what caused you problems as you read through, and what you might suggest for them to make their paper better.

Each “Main Respondent” for the paper will make comments in the margin as they read, and write one overall comment at the end.  The writer will then read their paper aloud to the group.

Please don’t skip that step.  Reading your paper aloud can be the most important part of this exercise!!

Next, the main respondent gives their input, and then the group gives their input.

Please see my handout for a step by step of this process, and a guide for what to look for in a paper under the Standard WISE English tab.


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