Cultural Analysis Rough Draft


Please don’t forget that the rough draft for your Cultural Analysis paper is due in some form in class on Tuesday.  We will be doing a peer review in class.

So, if you have the essay on a computer, make sure you bring a laptop.  If you don’t have a laptop, make sure you bring a printed copy of your rough draft to class with you.

Here is a short version of the directions for the assignment.  For more detail, please see assignment.


1.    Select an ancient culture and analyze the culture’s practices of citizenship, philosophies, gender, faiths, or origin myths. How has this particular culture influenced our current society? What are the legacies of this civilization?

2.    Use a minimum of four sources.  To back up what you say.  In addressing your research question, do your best to understand and respect the culture and time period that you are analyzing.

3.    Begin with an introduction that includes your topic, clearly states a research question, and gives an indication of what you will do in the paper.  As you move into the body of the paper, make sure you introduce a source, state the information from the source (and cite it), and explain how that information contributes to your understanding of the culture.


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