Get On InSite!!! (NOW) . . . Yes, I mean it!


My dear students,

Please make sure you have purchased an InSite access code for my class at the CAU bookstore, and that you have enrolled on the InSite website by the end of the week

We will be using InSite exclusively to turn in your work for the rest of the semester.  It is REQUIRED.

Here are the directions for doing that, from Ande, the Technical director at InSite, who has graciously agreed to assist us . . .

Comeau, Ande
Ande.Comeau at cengage dot com

Please have the students send me the following information:

1. Student’s first and last name
2. Access code (found inside the folder he/she purchased at the bookstore)
3. Email address
4. Password you would like to use (this should be the same one you used if you created an English21 account already)
5. Mother’s maiden name or their favorite movie (this will be used to answer a security question)
6. Teacher’s name and class time

Once I have registered a student I will email them with the login info.

Please let Ande know if you had a Turnitin password from High School, as you will need to use that password information to access InSite.


Dr. K


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