Discussion Board #2: 9:25 Class

Please comment on the plagiarism Article from the New York Times.  Your comments should be based upon personal experience and opinion, and should be at least 100 words long for full credit.


12 responses

  1. Plagiarism in college is way more serious than I thought. To me, it seems like the problem isn’t laziness or being simply mischievous, but it’s the lack of creativity in many students. Writing papers about something that I may not be interested in at all can be hard. But it is always a lot easier if I make it more personal and engaging by making references to my everyday life or using original examples from experience and knowledge to explain a claim or statement. Our generation today lacks patience and we would like to have everything right away. Copying and pasting fulfills this need when it comes to something we know nothing about or simply have a lack of interest in. But this doesn’t justify plagiarism at all or constitute it as a good deed.

  2. Jacoby Anderson

    i beleive that plaigurism should be taken very seriousley , because if all you do is copy others work then how could you learn and come up with ideas on your own . I think everyone , my self included has plaigurised once in their lives . but i advise everyone not to because it could lead to serious situations such as fines , legal matters that could get you possibly kicked out of school suspended or worst . but it is said that as long as you site your source it is ok to copy that person’s work . But for future reference just do your own work and dont copy anyone elses , BE ORIGINAL !

  3. In my opinion, plagarism could be defined in many ways. It could be the lack of creativity when it comes to an assignment that requires you to think on your own about a topic or an assignment that requires you to invent a new idea. Also laziness could play a major role far as plagarism because sometimes we procrastinate on an assignment and then when the due date draws near we panic and just decided to copy and paste. Also plagarism could be just the lack of undertanding. For example, my senior year of high school we were required to write a six page paper on a eight line poem that was assigned to us. My poem was Ozymandias by Percy Byshe Shelly. Of the task was to elaborate on our thoughts of the poem. I did so and just got a few ideas from a website but added my own imput and when I turned my work in my teacher failed all of my paper just because of that one section.

  4. Shatondra Caldwell | Reply

    When I read the article I found out a lot of information that I did not know about plagiarism. When you use someone else’s words you just stole their idea and made them your own. Plagiarism is a very serious matter and can have you arrested. I had to find out the hard way about plagiarism. I was giving a D on my report in the tenth grade all because of one paper I wrote and I copied and pasted one little paragraph in the paper and received a F for the whole paper. I then figured out that just pasting one little paragraph in my paper was wrong and I will never do it again no matter how stressed I am. Plagiarism is wrong and you should NOT do it!

  5. As a student, I understand why a lot of papers are “accidentally” plagiarized or done so in a “no-harm-meant” type of way. When we do research on the internet, a lot of the time we find no source of an author or editor, place of publication, etc. We don’t have enough information to incorporate the information we’ve found into a bibliography, so a lot of the times students will just copy and paste what is written on the website, not thinking twice about it. I’m not saying its right; I’m just saying I understand why the issue of plagiarizing keeps occurring. As for how plagiarizing is handled at Clark Atlanta University, I think it is fair. The first time you are caught, you fail that assignment. That should teach you not to copy and paste from websites anymore. If you don’t have enough information to give the article credit, find another article. If you get caught plagiarizing a second time and fail that class, that’s what you get.

  6. Most people agree that plagiarism is a serious offense. I do not. I don’t understand what’s so serious about using someone else’s idea without giving them credit. As long as you aren’t being paid for it there shouldn’t be a problem. What sense does it make to expel someone from an institute because they plagiarized a paper? I could understand if they did if for every paper but sometimes people just need a break or they run short on ideas. Im not making an excuse for people who plagiarize, I just don’t feel like it should be treated as a crime.

    Randy B

  7. In high school you never really know the effect of your actions. I was told many times that plagiarism in college can lead to many consequences such as getting expelled. I totally agree that you should never take someones’ words, ideas, etc. and give no credit. To classify taking some words and making them your own as plagiarism thats a bit far-fetched to me. Everyone’s thoughts begin somewhere the individuals’ words I took and made my own had to receive them from somewhere. He/she did not just draw their conclusions from anywhere. If myself and someone happen to write an essay on Santa Claus, nine times out of ten are papers are going to sound exactly the same.

  8. I never thought of plagerism as an serious offense until I came to college. Honestly, I dont believe I’ve actually plagerized because I would always change up words in a text or compose them in simple terms accessible for me to translate them, if asked. However sometimes internet sources are of common knowledge as mine, that doesn’t necessarily mean I copy and pasted, it just means that we have the same stream of knowledge on that particular subject or insert. When I have to write stories such as the origin story, of course I will give out sources because that’s a topic I have no knowledge about and required me to research it. I honestly would love to observe a plagerism software read a essay,research paper, etc.

  9. keondramccullough | Reply

    I completely agree with the New York Times Plagiarism article. Students have access to everything on the internet and some times there isn’t an author credited to the article. I also believe that laziness also plays a factor in the increased use of plagiarism. This generation is just handed so much that we don’t have the same work ethic as every generation before us. I think some students believe that, since its just sitting on the internet why can’t I use it? Another factor that contributed to plagiarism is the fact that many high school teachers never punished students for plagiarism, even though they said they would punish students who do. With everything on the internet and no punishment for their actions students feel as though they don’t need to be original and can continue on plagiarizing. It’s a very serious issue that should be handled early in school as opposed to the first time in college.

  10. Briyana Marine
    Plagiarism isn’t that serious of an issue unless you are getting paid for someone else’s work. Sometime its not necessarily on purpose, as a student when your are writing a paper and you read something you just write your thoughts down but yet your article says the same thing in different words and you think nothing of it. The only way plagiarizing is serious is if someone does it on purpose and just copies and paste a paragraph from an article. It is a easy mistake to plagiarize when you are trying to hurry up and finish writing a paper.

  11. I believe that college kids of the Digital Age are ignorant to the issue of plagiarism. Lots of students commit the act of plagiarism without knowing that they are doing it or are unaware of the punishment that comes with it. I was always taught that everything I write should be my own thoughts. But when I received my first writing assignment in college i was told that i should have some background research. These is where many students become confused and commit the act. One could write a five page paper and turns it in as a rough draft and be told be his/her instructor that they need some evidence to back up their statement. With information being available at the tips of their fingers it is easy to just copy and paste a paragraph or two, not thinking you are doing anything wrong because you just wrote five pages of your own thoughts and only two paragraphs will cause no harm. One would turn in a paper not realizing that they just committed a act of plagiarism, and could receive a zero for the assignment.

  12. People always try to find shortcuts and an easy way out of doing things. There’s nothing wrong with working smarter instead of harder, except for when you are dealing with writing. Writing is the type of thing that you have to do repeatedly in order to reach your full potential. Plagiarism is the easy way out, it not only takes away from the work needed to polish your writing skills, but it also takes away from your work ethic and pride. As a writer you’re supposed to take pride in your own work. Turning in somebody else’s work and putting your name on it is just unacceptable for a true writer that wants to grow and improve their writing skills.

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