Discussion Board #2: 1:40 Class

Please comment on the plagiarism Article from the New York Times.  Your comments should be based upon personal experience and opinion, and should be at least 100 words long for full credit.


8 responses

  1. I know that for me I would subconsciously plagiarize whenever I would take notes from a textbook assignment. I would also let others copy my notes. But as I grew older and elevated academically I became aware that what I was doing was a form of plagerism. I realized that I was stealing someone elses work. I also knew that from that point on that I had to form my own ideas and that I had to start using my brain and search for my own meaning of the text instead of writing what I see already. As I progessed, I noticed that when I begin to form my own meanings, it helps me know and retain the informaton easily. So I concluded with the fact that plagerism only hinders and stops your mind from becoming more knowledgeable and you striving for the best you.

  2. As a student, I think everyone has plagiarized once in their entire life. I know I have. I tend to copy and paste when I think something would sound perfect just the way it is instead of me changing it and putting it into my own words. My teachers expressed in high school how it was illegal to copy someone else‘s words, and that we should site where we got the quote or text from. I knew that’s what was required and I did it towards the middle of my sophomore year in high school and from then on, but freshman year, I was lost and I just did what I thought was right and what get me a good grade. But now that I know how serious professors are about plagiarism, I definitely will not copy and paste. I think students just get caught up on the fact that it will take to long to think on their own, so therefore they take the easy way out and use other people‘s words.

  3. I think there is no excuse for plagiarism. The only one I could think of is not knowing how to cite sources and even in that case there are so many places to go and people to see on how to cite your sources. They mentioned it being the digital age and I think if it so easy to plagiarize then it should be equally easy learn how to cite your source. People know how big of an issue it is so why would they even attempt to make it seem that they plagiarized. People know right from wrong and the lazy people who rather just use other peoples information and not give credit should get punished. I agree that middle and high schools should prepare students more for college type writing because that is the goal people want for students is go to the next level so why not prepare them to the fullest capacity. I don’t understand why if people know what is expected in the next level of learning why would not they want to help students out and prepare them so they can cut down on so much of this plagiarism going on.

  4. Plagiarism is taken very seriously in the academic world today. Technology can either be your best-friend or your worst enemy. It can help you find a bunch of information and sources for a paper you are trying to write for a class or if you get too lazy you might just end up copying and pasting things into your paper. It is best not to do that because professors or a teachers have many ways to find out that you have plagiarized. I myself have never plagiarized in high school nor will I in college, I learned to avoid that by citing sources and giving credit to the person who stated the information I used. I agreed with Donald J. Dudley in the article when he said “Writing is difficult, and doing it well takes time and practice”. Writing a research paper to me is pretty difficult but if you just spend time on it and not just taking the easy route by plagiarizing, you will be killing two birds with one stone. That would be not getting in trouble by plagiarizing and having a good chance of getting an “A” on your paper.

  5. It is wrong to plagiarize and it should be taken more seriously. To take credit for something you didn’t write can’t possibly seem ok. Wouldn’t you be mad if someone stole your work and took full credit for it, without given you any recognition? When a writer is passionate about their writing they get offended if someone takes credit for their work. Writing is a work of art, I pretty sure if some stole another artist painting they would most likely sue you. It’s that the same thing as steeling someone’s writing. It doesn’t matter what time period you’re in because it’s stealing no matter how you put it.

  6. Plagiarizing is a big problem in schools all across the nation, and in everyday life . I feel like if you take someone elses work and make it your own, then your a theif. Some may think my perspective is harsh, but plagiarism is just as bad as stealing someones purse. In society we are able to view a lot of other peoples work on the internet, which is a good and bad thing. I agree that some of us are very lazy in today’s society, and do not feel the need to go through the trouble of citing resources. However, that is not acceptable. I also think that sometimes people do not realize when they are plagiarizing, so their needs to be a required lesson taught on it in both middle school and high school for students to know the error of their ways. It is imporant for people to learn how to develop their own writing styles, and to be creative enough to put thoughts together without stealing from someone elses hard work.

  7. Plagiarism will always be a problem as long as you have an Internet or a book with somebody thoughts inside of it. I am pretty sure that everybody at least one time in their life has plagiarized. Not because they wanted to but, because they were probably not taught. Sometimes source citations can be the hardest part about writing a paper. I feel they should stress on citing a little bit more than they did in High School and Middle School. So when you have to write a twenty page essay for your College History class you know how to cite your source.

  8. I personally feel that plagiarism is very wrong. It is stealing someone else’s work and not giving them credit for their work. There is absolutely no reason for why people plagiarize. All you have to do is cite the information you get and then it won’t be plagiarism. I do understand though the reason why some information is hard to cite, but it is still important to not plagiarize. I also understand how sometimes you don’t realize you are plagiarizing but nevertheless it is extremely important to cite your information. It is better to be safe than sorry. Sometimes people are also too lazy to cite information but any of it is still the same as plagiarizing and illegal.

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