Discussion Board #2: 12:15 Class

Please comment on the plagiarism Article from the New York Times.  Your comments should be based upon personal experience and opinion, and should be at least 100 words long for full credit.


10 responses

  1. Peronally, I feel that plagarism is a demeaning way of taken credit for someone else’s knowledgeable written work. In a sense you are stealing someone else’s thoughts. Many people do not take this act seriously because they do not view plagarism as a severe crime as robbery or general theft. In terms of plagarism everyone should view it as serious as felony crimes, that way people would have the mind set of respecting others thoughts as they would the law. My personal experience with plagarism is when my sophmore English teacher mistakenly accused me of plagarizing another student’s work in another state using turnitin.com. When in reality they were my own thoughts that another student in a different state had written that were similar to mines. With this experience I learned not only to be sure to give credit where credit is due, but also that plagarism is something that should not be taken lightly.

  2. Plagiarism is a very dishonest gesture. It’s also lazy.
    Taking someone elses work and putting your name on top of it is not something you should take pride in. I have not had any experience with plagiarism. My high school did not tolerate it so we gave credit to anyone and everyone, even if we paraphrased someones words we gave them credit. My english teacher was very helpful with citations and bibliographies. She knew that when we got to college the professers do not put up with plagiarized work at all and that it is a very big deal. It could even cost you your tuition. So I have never had an experoence with plagiarism and i do not plan on it.

  3. Plagiarism is a serious issue with students in college. Many students believe that it is just a fast way to get the assignments done. However, they do not think about the consequences behind their actions. Not only does it take from someone who deserves credit for their hard work, but it also limits your education. By taking the quick route, you are unable to fully comprehend the information given to you. You have to think things through before acting. When the prompt says tell me how you feel about a certain topic, you cannot use someone else’s words to explain how YOU feel. However, you can use their information as supporting evidence throughout your essay, but you must include citations and/or a bibliography when doing so. I have never taken the initiative to plagiarize. I honestly think it would be easier to do your own work than to look for someone else’s on the internet or through a book. You have to do unnecessary things like change the font, the color, reword statements, etc. When given the chance to show off my writing skills, I take that opportunity and I encourage others to do so.

  4. In today’s society plagiarism has become a more serious topic not only in schools, but in everyday life. Many examples of plagiarism are shown through schools, with students copying from different sources and also can be exemplified through the music industry. Students have become lazier and always want the easy way out of things, which can lead to copying and pasting a selection. Today, in the digital nation, technology has made it easier for plagiarism. At my high school, there was a huge case of students plagiarizing on a paper and as a result they were suspended. Aft the suspension, I then learned the seriousness of not citing sources. I think that back in time plagiarism wasn’t really taught in school as a “big deal” and now it may take time for some students to learn exactly what is considered as plagiarism. In the music industry plagiarism is also prevalent in songs. Artist that makes remakes of songs without the original artist permission is liable to be sued by that person. In my opinion plagiarism is tempting, but not worth the consequences.

  5. Wow. This article really astonishes me. I am disappointed in our generation when it comes to plagiarism. There is no sensible excuse for committing this kind of act. It is completely devious to steal other’s work and display it as your own. I mean, come on. Where is the creativity? Plagiarism is the reason why this generation has poor writing skills. It also blows me that people actually think that plagiarizing is OK because there is no author for the source. – seriously? Just because the author is not listed, that does NOT make you the author! I feel as though those who get caught plagiarizing should be punished. Plagiarizing is wrong and just plain LAZY!

  6. Briana M

    I think that this article is very accurate. The idea of plagiarism is on the rise. I think that sudents plagiarize so much because of just what the article said, because of the credibility of some websites, they don’t consider taking that knowledge as plagiarism. Such websites as Wikipedia cannot be relied upon and therefore one of the students in the article said that because he thought that the information was common knowledge, there would be no reason why he would be plagiarizing. The digital age era that we are in makes it that much more easier to plagiarize. I admit that there have been some papers to where I have taken information from a website but as research and thought that it wasn’t plagiarizing. I also have to admit that it is quite difficult when writing certain papers, such as research papers, to take every bit of information that is not ours to cite. But in the end, plagiarizing is still not the right thing to do.

  7. Ok, when it comes to this topic i’m not going to act like a “good student.” This is a topic i have to keep it real with. When it comes to plagiarism itself, no i do not condone the action itself. Because it is never right or acceptable for a person to take another persons work and use the work as their own without giving credit where credit is due. Also don’t get me wrong it is always best for an individual to formulate their own work and ideas. But with all this infinite knowledge and outstanding minds in the world, honestly i do not see any harm with a individual using other individuals information as a resource, as long as they give credit and let it be known that they are using another persons work to help their own then i see nothing wrong with that.

  8. I believe plagiarism is a really bad thing. It should be taken serious at all cost. If I worked hard on something I wouldnt want somebody else to take credit for it. I would be very upset about the situation. Plagiarism is a very big deal in schools today. Students copy things out books from the library. They also copy and paste things from the internet. Theres nothing wrong with that, you just have to remember to give credit to your sources in an bibliography. That is something most people forget to do. Thats how they end up getting in alot of trouble for plagiarism. Some people dont take it serious, but it is a serious matter.

  9. I believe plagiarism has become a big problem in schools today what have this world come to where my ideas are not mine anymore. Yes I believe the digital nation have made plagiarism more acceptable because of its easier access now. I feel that plagiarism is very bad and shouldn’t be allowed yes students should get no credit for others work!
    This article has really opened my eyes to see how serious this really is, in this world we have to deal with problem everyday. Personally at my high school and even in college I see people do this all the time and think its ok,well I’m happy teachers and people are taking a stand and stating that its not.

  10. The article that was presented to us shows the growing population of students that plagiarize each and everyday. It is sad that students do not see copying someone else’s work whether it comes from a credited source or not as plagiarism. Many students have busy schedules with classes, work, clubs, homework and studying. So, when it comes time to do a paper that you really don’t have time for it is easier to just copy and paste something that is already written and for the most part accurate information. Rather then do the work and learn something or express your own ideas, students would rather turn in something and get the good grade.

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