Rough Draft of Origin Stories Assignment Due on September 14!


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Here is the assignment:

Origin Stories Assignment

Rough Draft Due September 14th via Insite

Peer Review Due September 16th via Insite

Final Draft Due September 28th via Insite


Faculty and students associated with WISE history CHIS 201WS, U.S., Africa, and the World; and English CENG 105WS courses.


To analyze the impact of geography and climate upon ancient cultures by reading their origin stories.


This assignment is designed to help you

  1. understand the forces that link the past to the present;
  2. explore the connections between geography, climate, culture, economics, politics, race, class, and gender; and
  3. sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills.


  1. Read and view Creation Stories, Anansi, and Ancient Egyptian Origin Story from the British Museum. Select an origin story from one of the additional websites posted on your instructor’s WordPress site.
  2. Use Google Earth to mark the approximate location of the Anansi story, the Ancient Egyptian story, and the origin story selected from your instructor’s website.
  3. Copy the Google Earth map image for the origin story you selected.  Try to get an image that shows something significant about the geography or climate of the region.  Make sure this is an image from Google Earth and not from a photograph uploaded by one of the contributors.
  4. Look closely at the text of the story for clues to geographic or climatic influence.  Take careful reading notes.
  5. Carefully analyze the story in a 2-3 page paper.  Discuss ways in which the culture’s origin story may have been influenced by the geography and climate of the region, and how you think this origin story may offer clues about the culture you have selected


The first page of your paper should have your name, class time, e-mail, and e-portfolio address in the upper left-hand corner.  The title of the paper should be centered on the page in a headline font.  Use 12 point font, double space, and indent every paragraph.  Do not double-double space between paragraphs. All citations and bibliographic information should be in CMS format (notes/bibliography style).

Note About This Assignment:

Whenever you analyze something, especially from primary literary sources, you must infer certain things from clues in the text.  Make sure you argue for your interpretation of the text, provide examples, and, when possible, include sources which may back up your interpetation.

Whenever you use information from a source, even if it is not directly quoted, you must cite that source.

Anytime you use a quote or fact from a text, give background about source, use the quote or fact, then comment upon how the quote or fact contributes to your analysis or argument.

The analysis must utilize sources responsibly and correctly. Include footnotes or endnotes, utilizing the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) format, which is described in Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age (Blakesley).  You must include a bibliography on a separate page.

Plagiarized assignments will receive zeros. The instructor will check for plagiarism using


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