Catching Up and Moving On . . .


In case you are using this three-day weekend to catch up and be ready for Tuesday, the assignments so far are these:

  1. You should establish a blog for your e-portfolio at  It is very easy to do, and your fellow students and I will help you.  Go to WordPress to get a blog.  Follow the directions there.  Then, when you establish the blog, I need you to do three things for full credit:

    • click on the “about” page in your blog and edit it so that it is about you,
    • make your blog private by going to the “dashboard” and looking on the left-hand side.  At the bottom, you will find “settings.”  Click on that, then choose “privacy.”  Choose the last option “Make my blog private,” and then hit “submit.”  After you hit “submit,” a white rectangle will show up where you put the blog names of those who are permitted to see your blog.  Please add “ drkblog” and, if you also have WISE history, add “aunderwood.”
    • make a page on your blog, one for  “English 105WS” (and, if you have WISE History, one for “History 201WS”).  To do this, go to your “dashboard.”  Look down the left-hand column until you see “pages.”  Click on “new page.”  When the new page window comes up, put “English 105WS” into the window, then hit the “publish” button on your far right-hand side.  If you have WISE History, hit “new page” again, and put “History 201WS” into the title box and hit “publish.”  OK!  Now you are done!!  Please e-mail me your new blog address along with your name so that I can give you credit for the assignment.
  2. If you don’t have a paper from a class you transferred from that I can give you credit for, you should write a 100+ word comment on my blog (under the time for your class) after you read three short pieces:

As you read, consider how are geography and culture are linked.

The should bring you up to date on the assignments so far.

This weekend you are supposed to download Google Earth and play around with it a little bit so that you know what it can do, and read the general information on Google Earth so that you are prepared for a brief quiz on Tuesday.

None of the assignments should take you more than a hour to complete (probably a lot less).

I am available for your, even on the days I am not on campus, via  SKYPE.  My skype ID is dryaelkassorla.


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