Reading Assignment for Discussion Board and the Origin Stories Paper


Just so it is easier for you to find, here are the links for the reading assignment for the discussion board:

As you read, consider how are geography and culture are linked.  Enter your thoughts on the appropriate discussion board below.

Look for the right place to post on Dr. K’s Blog.  Please make sure you are posting to the right class!

Here is the link to my list of Origin Stories Websites for you to choose from for your paper, and the link for the Origin Stories Assignment.


2 responses

  1. I believe that origin stories are passed down simply for entertainment and to reflect what is important in certain cultures. In the “Ancient Egyptian Origin Story” as well as “Anansi The Spider”, characters or people were tricked and connived into giving up power or ownership over a certain part of the Earth that they possessed. That was displayed in these regions’ stories because Africa’s beliefs were, and perhaps still are, focused around power and ownership. The stories refelct their belief about the “hunters and gatherers” theory that men provide while women just give birth. I also feel like these stories were created to give people something to believe in at some point, simply because they didn’t know any better. Now we have more concrete documents to draw from scientifically or within our own religious beliefs, like the Bible, Quaran, etc., or the Evolution Theory.

  2. Origin stories are a long history of stories past down from generation to generation. Some of the stories past down have been since the B.C. era and have still made it to the time period we are in now. Origin stories were passed down from mouth to mouth before we could write it down. So it was always an elder who would remember all the stories and before he would past away he would past it down again to somebody else. Since they were passed down orally they became to be known as oral myths. Until they started putting all the stories on paper and where started to be called origin stories.

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