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Why do you think Origin Stories are important for a culture?   Please use at least two examples from the reading to back up what you say.

Please answer in a comment to this post that is at least 100 words long.  Make sure you include your name so I can give you credit.


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  1. Theresa Jones

    Origin Stories are important for culture because they keep the faith and belief of how that specific culture began using supernatural stories that describe the beginning of cosmogony. Science today may give us a clear understanding of evolution and theory but many people question science and are left using ideas to make a tie connecting their origin with myths. For example, in China Creation Story Pangu, the way the earth formed was displayed as if a man stood between the sky and ground and grew ten feet per day for eighteen thousand years. One, who was inquisitive, repelled against proof of Earth’s start and instead chose to believe that someone tall, of Asian descent, created a planet. Although humans are built with the same structure, some racial backgrounds have different features; maybe the author came across someone tall and put the two ideas together. Another example from China Creation Story Pangu was when that same man who made Earth died, his remaining became Earth’s geography. Scientific reasoning proves that air comes from trees, yet stated in the story, it was said that oxygen was a portion of the remains left form the one who created Earth. Many would agree to these stories who believe in spirits rather than research because of the link between their culture and unknown answers of beginnings.

  2. Different societies’ views on how life started effect their worship rituals. People like the Hebrews who believe a God created the world and everything in it tend to worship and hold superior that one God. Other people like the Greeks also believe a God created everything, but they believe there were multiple Gods involved. Societies who think certain animals had something to do with the start of life tend to see those animals as holy and sacred. In African culture, it is very exciting and entertaining to tell “spider stories”, like the one of Anansi. Africans show much interest in little creatures like spiders because of stories like these.
    In the world today, science theories are forced into everyone’s minds about how the Earth was “really created”, discouraging any belief of a superior figure or mythical creatures. Some agree with these theories, but a lot of people still hold on to their beliefs of Gods or cosmic eggs or giants because it’s what makes sense to them.
    The many stories of earth creation is what makes every culture so different and is the reason for such diversity among the entire world.

  3. Origin stories play a vital role in one’s culture. Not only were origin stories a form of entertainment, and since writing wasn’t created yet it was the way the elderly would explain how earth and elements of the earth were created. One example is in the Ancient Egypt story, which shows how the earth, wind and rain was created. A hill rose out of waters and on the hill was a god named Atum, which coughed out Shu, goddess of air and Tefnut the goddess of water. Another example is the Bible story. In seven days God created the earth, day, night, and more. Origin stories were the first form of science and history and it sparked what we know about our world today.

    Keondra McCullough

  4. Taylor Y. Smith

    For many, origin stories tell the beginning of time of a particular culture and/or beliefs that they may identify with. We as humans often marvel about the beginnings of life and our wonders can only be answered by the origin stories our culture provides us with. Without origin stories we would only be given the scientific theories that we are suggested to believe. Scientist introduced us to what is known as the Big Bang Theory, which tells us that a big explosion took place and created the beginnings of everything we know around us. Being that elements are essential to life such as the sky, land, and more. The creation story “The Naba Zid-Wende” provides the Mossi people the belief that in the beginning there was nothing at all and The Naba Zid-Wende made the earth and created day and the night. If the Mossi people were not provided with “The Naba Zid-Wende” origin story they would have nothing unique to identify their beginnings with, not only the Mossi people but also any other culture. There is a distinction between life and matter but The Big Bang Theory provides only matter not the creation of life and human beings. However without creation stories we would be without a better understanding of the creation of life. Naba Zid-Wende created “very black” humans to separate them from the sun which is red and the the moon which is white. Using their breath Naba Zid-Wende blew soul into the humans. Through these details the Mossi people are now provided a story of origin for their culture.

  5. Origin stories are about the beginnings of life that we all have used to understand our cultural background. Many wonder how the world sequestered itself into these cultural aspects which many individuals fathom for answers. Origin stories are important for culture because they introduce the arts of creation in which you choose to believe. If they didn’t exist we could only go off of the scientific view of creation, which is also known as the Big Bang Theory. For example, in Creation By and From the Self, he divides himself into three, which then creates the sun, air, and fire. This is the foundation that the Brahmanas choose to believe regarding the creation of life. Additionally, in Creation By and From the Self, he divides himself into two which then he created a husband and wife. This also shows that culture is described by the art of creating.

  6. Raven Washington

    It seems as though Origin Stories are “back stories” used to explain why this “thing” got that way or even the circumstance as to how they became. One story that I found interesting was evolved in China, talking about P’an Ku who hatched from an cosmic egg as his eyes becoming the sun and moon and limbs becoming the mountains, while the shell was the sky and ground. By reading stories that are from outside of the USA, really opens my eyes as to see that other countries theories are completely opposite from ours or at least the way we we’re told. However, i shouldn’t be surprised of the different cultures because clearly we don’t all speak the same language and of course religions which certain people are apart of a specific group which accumulates their belief system.
    Side Note: I absolutely agree with Theresa

  7. jazairi alexander

    The oldest media known to man is word of mouth. Centuries before the first document was written word of mouth was use to inform, and pass on culture and history. This is why origin stories are so vital to culture because it persevered aspects of history that we do not have physical records of. It was an explanation for the things around and there existents before scientific justification.

    These origin stories also set foundations for many cultures and there belief system. A perfect example would be the Hebrew origin bible story found in the creation stories reading. The story discussed the creation of the perfect world and man which was all devastated by the sin of the first woman Eve. Christianity one of the world’s largest religion accepts this as the explanation of creation and base the fact that they where made to worship God as a big part of their belief system.

    Origin stories also give readers insight about the geography features of the culture at hand. An example of this is displayed in the Anansi stories. The Anansi stories known to be popular folklore in parts of West Africa. Many of these stories take place in a tropical forest which West Africa has in abundance. Origin stories has been the infrastructure for many cultures for centuries. Maintaining legacy and tradition for many generations.

  8. Origin stories are important to a culture because it shows how a country became to be. In America many people only know about God and how he created the earth in seven days but when you read an origin story you now know that many other countries believe in different things. As I read the Australian origin we found out that they believe that people and animals emerged from the earth and other things, such as a crab, it went into the ocean and brought back something of the earth. This origin story explains how the culture of Australia came together. The Egyptian story about Nun and how his family and culture came together is another example. This origin story tells how the sky, moon, earth and even the underworld came together. Origin stories can show a culture its roots and in its own way the history of it culture.

  9. Briyana Marine

    Origin stories are important to our culture because it gives the culture another other than science how they were formed. Some people don’t believe in revolution. Therefore they have origin stories that say people came from the god’s and goddesses like in the origin story Ancient Egyptian Origin Story from the British Museum. Another thing is it sets cultures apart other than the way they look. The origin story of Anansi it gave Africa spider stories and they aren’t about spiders but the origin story says that’s who came up with the stories. There aren’t any other culture that says a spider made up a story

  10. Origin stories are important because not only was it a way of entertainment it also explains the beginning of how many culture was formed. Before technology as simple as writing on paper many civilizations passed down their history from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Every culture has a “beginning”, in America many people believe in the story of Genesis. How the world was void and empty and in seven days God created the earth. In China the most influential creation story is that of P’an Ku, and how what we see on Earth such as mountains and rivers are just sections of his body. These stories are used to give civilizations their roots and answer questions of why things are the way people see them.

  11. Jacoby Anderson

    origin stories are very important because it tells you how we came to be , and how this land was created , and it tells why the people such as ourselves react and do certain things we do . it also shows how everyone have thier own beliefs of who to worship and of who created this world we live in today . for example , the creation stories that evolved in china , they believe that a man named P’an Ku was hatched from an egg and his body and the shell he hatched from was pieces of the world and over time he stretched out and his body fell into different pieces and formed this planet we call earth ! but i think differently about that because i was taught from the bible and that god made the earth in 6 days and he rest on the 7th . so that goes to show you that everyone have their own beliefs !

  12. Origin stories are important because they created a sense of beginning. The civilians of society used origins as the base of their religions and cultures. The Mesopotamian story is translated into the bible as the beginning of time for Christianity. Who is said to be Marduk in this story is said to be God in the bible and the characters Tiamat and Kingu are Adam and Eve. The origin stories also create a standard of living and a sense of how humans should interact. The story of Osiris, Isis ad Seth was the platform for life on earth. During the time of emperors, kings and queen’s who died at war continued their legacy through their offsprings and siblings. Today great political and social leaders continue their reign through such. When George Bush Senior was done in office his son George W. Bush continued his reign, when Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated his sons and daughters kept his legacy alive and Diana Ross’ legacy is being kept alive through her kids. Origin stories are the precedents for the life we live today that’s why they are important.

  13. Origin Stories are important because they provide people with a reason to show appreciation for their unique cultures. They also explain why cultures depend on certain aspects of nature. The Chinese refer to the sun a lot because of their notable hot climate, but also because it contributes to the growth of vegetation. In Greece, the origin stories provide explanation for the abundance of gods the Greek praise. Each god serves a purpose and every aspect of nature has its own way of creation. The story of Anansi the spider, gives the people of Africa a sense of pride in their culture. They praise the wisdom of their ancestor by telling Anansi’s tales with great excitement and respect. Origin stories give reasoning for the roots of a civilization and also builds a foundation for each culture’s religion. The Chinese praise their sun god, and the Greek praised many gods for their blessings upon their sacred lands. These stories provide answers and understanding to many complex features of the ancient world.

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