Engrade and Gmail for WISE English


I was planning great things for InSite this semester.  WISE adopted InSite this year so that we could integrate your book, remediation in certain areas of English, and paper grading all in one place.

Unfortunately, according to the InSite representative I spoke to, I can only accept assignments for papers on InSite.  The rest of the assignments I have scheduled for this class have to be submitted elsewhere.

Also, I cannot keep track of the grades for all my assignments on InSite.  I can only put in the grades for your papers.

So, in addition to using InSite, I will be using Engrade this semester in order to keep track of your grades and attendance,  and a  Gmail account for each class to use turning in any assignment that cannot be submitted to InSite (i.e. all your quizzes, discussion board comments, and graphics files).

I will be handing out the Engrade sign up information in class on Tuesday.  The Gmail account for each class is as follows:

  • 9:25–turninmypaper9 at gmail dot com.
  • 12:15–turninmypaper12 at gmail dot com.
  • 1:40–turninmypaper1 at gmail dot com.

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