Vandalism on WISE Island


Yesterday, there was a serious incident of vandalism on WISE Island in Second Life.  Please see the following announcement from Dr. Flowers:

This message is intended for freshmen in the hi-tech sections. But since I don’t have you separated in that way on the four distribution lists I’m forced to use, I need to send it to everyone at once.
For the second time this semester, there’s been a serious incidence of vandalism on WISE Island. Fortunately, none of your projects were damaged.
However, the Welcome Center Ron Jackson created has been removed from the island; the beautiful plaza has been buried under a small mountain of dirt; and the bumper car track has disappeared, leaving the cars suspended in the air. Ron spent weeks of tedious, tremendously creative work on these projects, and I’m very, very sorry to see his work destroyed in this manner. Someone owes him more than an apology because what was done to his work is the equivalent of theft.
In order to protect the island from further problems of this kind, I’ve put it under “lock down” until I can afford more technical security measures. While this condition is in effect, you can teleport directly to your parcel or other assigned work space and finish your project as though nothing had happened. However, you cannot visit other parcels or areas for which someone else has responsibility. If you need to meet someone outside of your parcel or confer with your teachers, you can meet them on the tiled pavilion area in the center of the student projects or in the sandbox.
You faculty members and classmates not in our subject group should be able to see the details of your project with their cameras as well as from what you show them on your laptop or your computer in the lab. If you need to meet with a faculty member inside your parcel or building space or if you’d like your instructor to be able to see your work during hours when they’re not in class, issue a pass for a pre-arranged time.
I will not be in the office most of the day today because I’ve been working since 11:00 yesterday morning and I need to shut my eyes and my laptop for a while. If you have a major problem, text me and I’ll get back to you later today.

Sandra Hollin Flowers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English

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